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What part of the salary is spent on products by residents of Russia, the USA and other countries

As the channel’s author notes "Let's compare" on "Yandex.Zen", on the basis of a comparison of the minimum wage alone, one cannot judge which country people live in richer and which ones are poorer. So the author walked to the “virtual supermarket” and collected a food basket. All countries will include the same products. Further - from the first person.

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Let's try to figure out how much of the minimum wage goes to buy one grocery basket in different countries of the world. In addition, we draw some conclusions about the well-being of life in countries.

The composition of the food basket and its price

A food basket is a grocery list that satisfies the minimum human need (in our case, an adult) for nutrients.

In general, in Russia there is a special federal law establishing what products should be included in the food basket. Our today's kit will be slightly different from the legal one. I allowed myself such a liberty to provide an opportunity for comparison with other countries. This is exactly what we have gathered for, right?

Basic food basket:

  • 10 liters of milk;
  • 10 loaves of bread;
  • 8 kg of vegetables;
  • 6 kg of fruit;
  • 6 kg of meat;
  • 1,5 kg of rice;
  • 20 chicken eggs;
  • 1 kg of cheese.

The law should also include fish, nuts, tea, butter, sugar and sweets.

How much does such a basket cost in Russia? At the beginning of 2020, its average price was 4725 rubles ($ 64). Great, so how much of the minimum wage (minimum wage) do Russians spend to afford the “minimum human need for nutrients”?

44,8% of the minimum wage after taxes. That is how much the basket costs to the Russians. Last year, this figure was 46,2%. Positive dynamics, however.

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And now for the fun part: comparing with the world

Let's start with the once fraternal republics, see where you can buy a food basket, spending the least money on it. Unfortunately, not all countries found statistics.

Expenditures on basic foodstuffs, 2020

  • Estonia - 14,6%
  • Ukraine - 42,1%
  • Uzbekistan - 253,8%
  • Turkmenistan - 67,3%
  • Russia - 44,8%
  • Moldova - 50,1%
  • Lithuania - 17,7%
  • Latvia - 25,6%
  • Kazakhstan - 58,7%
  • Belarus - 43,9%
  • Armenia - 61,8%
  • Azerbaijan - 43,3%

Residents of Uzbekistan need to save 2,5 months to afford one grocery basket. I think that if there were data on Kyrgyzstan, we would see a similar picture. Sad situation.

EU members show the best results. This means that there is a more careful approach to the well-being of people.

Belarus, Russia and Ukraine are walking in amicable terms, with roughly equal results. In the world ranking, this allows countries to occupy 42, 44, and 40 places, respectively. In total, just over 100 countries participated in the comparison.

In general, countries took about the same places as when comparing the minimum wage. Let's see what will happen to the giants from the top 15 by GDP.

Compare with TOP-15

The hero Mironov in the film "Diamond Arm" trousers with a flick of the wrist turned into elegant shorts. And with us, TOP-15 is turning into TOP-13. And here's why: in China and Japan, the minimum wage differs depending on the region of the country, so it was not possible to find statistics there.

However, TOP-13 is in place and we can compare.

Expenditures on basic foodstuffs, 2020

  • Mexico - 44,7%
  • Spain - 9,2%
  • Australia - 7,0%
  • Russia - 44,8%
  • South Korea - 17,1%
  • Canada - 11,0%
  • Italy - 10,3%
  • Brazil - 32,1%
  • France - 12,7%
  • India - 59,6%
  • Great Britain - 7,3%
  • Germany - 9,3%
  • United States - 14,1%

As in the case of the minimum wage, India insures Russia from falling into last place, and Mexico is next to us. Those countries that are usually classified as “developed” have an indicator of no higher than 20%.

Residents of Australia at a minimum wage can afford to buy 14 food baskets, that is, provide for themselves for a year, and also give a supply to a neighbor for two months. This is assuming that the products do not deteriorate.

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An Indian resident living on the minimum wage will buy only one such basket and will think about how to live on the remaining 40% of the salary until the end of the month.

The world is large, and depending on what part of a person lives in it - its basic financial capabilities can vary greatly.

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