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Which city to choose for moving to the USA: opinion of a Russian-speaking immigrant

Choosing a state and city for immigration, you will surely face difficulties, since the USA is a diverse country, where each state is like a separate state, with its inherent laws, nature and even dialects of the English language. To understand the differences between the most popular cities and states, to identify the best options for immigration in the early stages, the author of the channel suggests "Bender's Word from America" ​​on Yandex.Zen.

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1. Northeastern states

It is here that most immigrants from all over the world aspire to, and there are several reasons for this: loyalty to emigrants and illegal immigrants, work for every taste, color and visa (from a janitor to a financier), an excellent public transport device (you can do without a car), good salaries and a large concentration of Russian-speaking immigrants.

These cities include, first of all, New York City, then Pennsylvania (the cities of Philadelphia and Pittsburgh) and New Jersey.

From a start-up point of view, these are great options; only New York City itself has everything you could possibly need. If you like to be in the center of everything - you are here.

Personal opinion: he was never a fan of the northeast, and did not even think about moving in that direction. For myself, I just do not find any reason to live there. But, again, many Russians are more than happy with their life in New York.

2. Chicago, Illinois

Chicago is almost like New York, only quieter and cheaper.

A large Russian-speaking community, a lot of work, reasonable real estate prices, beautiful downtown and the huge Lake Michigan, similar to the sea.

The climate in Chicago is very similar to Moscow, hot in the summer and cold in the winter (logical).

A great city to start - there is an opportunity to get comfortable, sort out documents, make friends, improve your English and at the same time not make ends meet.

Personal opinion: I like the city, there are few traffic jams, there were no particular problems with the work. Of the minuses: cold snowy winter, dullness and lack of natural beauties. Generally recommend.

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3. Seattle, WA

Green, tech, fast-growing city. The place where the offices of the largest companies are based.

High standard of living, plenty of work, good salaries, loyalty to immigrants, the Russian-speaking community (as you understand, we are everywhere), but real estate prices are quite high.

Ideal for IT and other professionals, as well as for lovers of incredible natural species.

To start this city, I would recommend it to people with an IT education, work experience, good English and a supply of money. You can, of course, without all this, but it will be difficult (but who did it stop?).

Personal opinion: I have been to Seattle once, and it came to me. Nice city. But its climate does not suit me, frequent rains and cloudy days are not for me.

4. California

A place that fulfills the dreams of some and destroys the lives of others. The eternal sun, the ideal climate all year round, the ocean, beaches, rocky shores, mountains, friendly people, lovers of a healthy lifestyle, incredible energy that floats in the warm air of Kali.

There is one big drawback - you have to pay more for all these delights than in other states.

Due to the large number of immigrants, it may be difficult to find work if you do not have a demanded profession, unique skills or a solid budget. There are many millionaires, businessmen, top managers, IT specialists, actors, artists, and much more people clutching at pennies for any work.

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I would not recommend California to start for those people who need time to adapt, learn a language, save up money and make acquaintances.

On the other hand, if you have long dreamed of living here and are ready for any difficulties, then my recommendations will definitely not stop you. So go ahead, you will succeed.

5. Cities in other states

There are also a number of other cities that may become home to a newcomer immigrant. Such as Houston or Dallas (Texas), Tampa (Florida), Denver (Colorado), Phoenix (Arizona), North Carolina, Oregon, Virginia, etc.

In these cities, costs are much lower, real estate and fuel prices are very affordable, salaries are correspondingly lower, but Russians living there feel comfortable.

The list of cities most suitable for starting, in descending order in my view, looks something like this:

- Chicago
- New York
- Other states from point number five (according to personal preference)
- Seattle
- California (Los Angeles, San Francisco, San Diego)

I hope that I helped to understand a little more about this topic, but, in any case, you yourself decide where your American story begins.

Original column published on the blog. "Bender's Word from America" ​​on Yandex.Zen.

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