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What important new laws took effect in Florida in 2024?

On January 1, 2024, new laws went into effect in Florida. All of them were passed earlier in 2023 by the state Legislature, reports NBC.

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Special Persons Registry

SB 784 known as the Protecting Our Loved Ones Act, which authorizes local law enforcement agencies to develop and maintain a database called the Special Persons Registry.

This database will take into account people who may suffer from developmental or psychological disorders, as well as any other disability.

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This will allow law enforcement agencies to provide relevant registry information to law enforcement officials under certain circumstances, which is intended to improve interactions between first responders and civilians under certain conditions.

The law specifically lists conditions such as autism spectrum disorder, Down syndrome, and Alzheimer's disease or dementia-related disorders.

Pre-trial release and detention

SB 1534 relates to pretrial release and detention, which states that only a judge can set, reduce or change a person's bail.

The law requires the Florida Supreme Court to create and periodically update a uniform statewide bail schedule for certain offenses and prohibits a judge from imposing lesser amounts than the Supreme Court has set.

SB 1534 outlines the circumstances under which a defendant may not be released prior to an initial hearing, including people on pretrial probation, sex offenders, repeat felons, etc.

Child Protection Investigations

SB 7056 requires seven Florida counties that conduct child welfare investigations to turn over control of all information to the state Department of Children and Families (DCF).

DCF will handle all child abuse investigations beginning January 1, 2024.

SB 7056 states that DCF will receive all files, but certain sheriffs will remain custodians of certain files and documents.

Camping rules revised

SB 76 revises camping rules for Florida residents trying to reserve sites at state parks.

It requires the Department of Environmental Conservation's Division of Recreation and Parks to allow residents to reserve cabins and campsites at state parks within a specified time frame.

This will allow Florida residents to make camping reservations up to a month earlier than non-residents. Florida residents will need to provide proof of state residency.

Extension of the Move Over Law

Florida Governor DeSantis signed HB425, which strengthens the state's existing Lane Change Law. If a driver sees any vehicle on the side of the road with emergency lights, emergency lights or signs, then he needs to change lanes further from this vehicle so as not to accidentally hit people near a standing car.

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The expansion of the law, aimed at preventing traffic deaths, requires drivers to change lanes at least one lane. If they cannot change lanes, they must reduce their speed by 20 mph.

Violators of the moving law face fines ranging from $60 to $158.

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