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Personal experience: what services can be obtained in the USA without leaving the car

“To many, Probably familiar with the McDrive service, with which you can order a burger or a cup of coffee without leaving the car, and thus saving time. In the US, they went further, and today you can find many organizations here that, like McDonald's, provide such a service, ”the author writes. That American Life Blog on Yandex Zen.

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Next - from the first person.

This service is called drive-through or drive-thru. It was invented in 1930, but not for use in the McDonald's restaurant chain, but in the banking sector. Such drive-thru are still found in many banks today. The service unit at such a point is equipped with an intercom, airmail, cameras and bank forms, with which you can get most of the services that the bank provides without leaving the car.

Also, many banks have drive-thru ATMs. A handy thing, especially if you are afraid to withdraw money from an ATM located in some dark alley.

Among the atypical drive-thru services in the United States are:

Chapel A Little White Wedding Chapel, which is equipped with the “Tunnel of Love”, which hosts the official wedding ceremonies.

Drive-thru in funeral services Robert L. Adams Mortuary in Compton, California. This funeral agency provides an opportunity for an express visit and reverence for the memory of the deceased. Those people who have not attended the main farewell ceremony can use drive-thru at a convenient time to say goodbye to a relative or acquaintance.

In some states (where it is not prohibited by law) alcohol shops with drive-thru service. All you need to do is order the goods from an assistant, open the trunk and wait until he packs everything in your car.

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Also found in the USA places for prayer in drive-thru format. Usually volunteers work in such booths, who can pick up a prayer and read it together with a traveler. Well, if you want to visit this place at night, then there will always be a Bible and other religious literature.

Kocian Law Firm Office, legal services companies in Manchester, Connecticut, is equipped with a drive-thru, because, according to them, it helps to speed up the issuance and reception of documents, and is also convenient for customers with injuries that are difficult to get out of the car and get into it.

In a number of counties in California, there is drive-thru voting service. Special booths with ballot boxes are established for those who cannot come to the polls personally but want to use their right of expression through absentee voting.

Except these places drive-thru also found in pharmacies (it is very convenient to receive prescription drugs), libraries, grocery stores, cafes and restaurants. In many cases, it saves a lot of time, saves you from looking for a parking space, and if the weather is bad, you can no longer run in the cold.

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