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What services the immigration service provides online: list

The US Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS) is actively introducing modern technologies into its work, constantly expanding list of services that can be obtained online. This allows customers to save a huge amount of time traveling to the offices of the department and standing in line.

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List of immigration services that can be obtained online:

MyUSCIS Internet Portal:

On this portal, you can create a secure account (, with which you will be able to fill out forms online, upload documents and evidence required for these forms. Also using this account, you can track the detailed status of your business, as well as pay for services by credit or debit card.

Virtual Assistant

On the USCIS website there is a round-the-clock virtual assistant Emma, ​​who can answer customer questions regarding immigration services and filling out forms, in addition, a virtual assistant can even redirect you to the desired page on the site. You can meet Emma by link.

Electronic inquiries

e-request - a tool on the USCIS website that allows applicants to report problems that they encountered after applying. For example, the processing time has already expired, and the response has not yet been received; or you did not receive the document that the system should have sent you, etc. Also on this page you can report that you need special conditions for an immigration interview (person with disabilities), or that a typographical error was made in your application or document sent to you.

Check application status

To check at what stage of consideration your application is located, you need to go to special page and indicate your application number.

Free calculator

When filling out several forms with different payment requirements, it is often quite difficult to calculate how much you should pay for USCIS services. And the wrong amount of the paid fee may cause a refund or rejection of the application. To avoid this error, use the free calculator on the USCIS website. After asking a few questions about your case, the program will determine how much of the fee you must pay. Calculator is available by link.

Examine options

This page on the USCIS website allows users to find out the conditions of all available options for obtaining a visa or work in the United States, green cards, asylum, citizenship and other legal ways to enter or stay in the country. The tool is available by link.

Apply online

Some of the most popular forms can be completed online. As of February 8, you can submit 8 forms online, including an application for naturalization and replacement of a green card. A complete list of forms available online is available at link.

Address change

If you filed immigration documents with one address, but then moved, you must immediately inform USCIS so that all requests and documents are sent to your new address. This can be done very quickly online by clicking on link.

Make appointment

If the request you submitted to the Immigration Service involves an interview or you need a meeting to resolve an immigration issue in person, you can schedule it online. The tool is available by link. It allows you to make an appointment at the convenient USCIS office both in the United States and abroad.

Application processing time

Due to the different level of workload in USCIS offices, the same application may have different processing times in different offices. To find out how much your application will process in a particular office, go to link, indicate which form you submitted and which office, and the system will give you an approximate processing time for your application.

Also on the USCIS site, a search engine is running

She can help immigrants find a doctor close to them, who has the right to conduct medical examinations to issue a conclusion, which must be attached to the application for the green card.

Also, this system will help to find free Courses in naturalization or English in your area.

You can also find it on the USCIS website. office closest to you.


Immigration filing fees change periodically, so it's best to know the price for sure in order to correctly calculate the budget. For this is provided page with pricewhere the actual price is indicated when submitting different forms and applications.

Naturalization corner

This section on the USCIS website combines the following features:

  • access to download a mobile application to prepare for the citizenship test, as well as its desktop version;
  • resource centerwhere you can find information to prepare for naturalization;
  • toolwhich will determine whether you are eligible for naturalization;
  • calculatorthat will calculate how much an application for naturalization will cost you.

Useful resources

Avoid Scams - a page that contains information about immigration fraud, contacts where you can report them, as well as contacts of people who can provide advice if you have become a victim of fraud.

Find authorized providers - contains lists of organizations and service providers that are licensed to provide services and advice to immigrants. The list can be filtered by state and by service.

Guide “How do i?” answer the most frequently asked questions regarding immigration processes.

E-verify - a system for verifying a person's permission to work in the United States. It is mainly used by American companies when hiring immigrants.

Multilingual Resource Center

Here The most important information about immigration services and processes was collected in dozens of world languages, including Russian.

Center I-9

The I-9 is a form that anyone who wishes to work in the United States must complete. Information about the employment process with the latest updates and helpful tips is collected at separate page USCIS website.

Electronic reading room

If you need information from immigration legal documents, the most up-to-date immigration policy data, pending proposals, etc., all this can be found in electronic reading room USCIS.

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