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What social benefit programs exist in the USA?

Depending on your immigration status, length of stay in the United States of America, you and your family members may be eligible for federal benefits.

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If you want to learn more about the services that may be available to you, then go to

The program of preferential purchase of products (SNAP)

Some immigrants, including children, may be eligible for the SNAP. SNAP provides you with the means to buy food in grocery stores.

Some states have their own, state-funded programs of preferential purchase of products with the rules of participation in them of immigrants, which differ from each other in different states.

For information on SNAP and requirements for participation in it, see:

SNAP information on 36 is available in various languages ​​at:

Domestic Violence Services

Immigrants and their children who are subjected to domestic violence may be eligible for federal benefits and services, such as shelter for battered women, or the SNAP program.

For more information about these programs, see:

The temporary assistance program for needy families (TANF program)

The temporary assistance program for needy families is federal, in accordance with which assistance and jobs are provided for low-income families.

These programs vary from state to state, and some states have their own state-funded assistance programs.

For more information and to learn about eligibility requirements, please visit:

Assistance to immigrants with physical and mental disabilities

Immigrants with physical and mental disabilities may be eligible for Medicaid, SNAP and age and disability benefits.

For information on age and disability benefits, see here.

Integrated Employment Centers

The federal government finances job centers where job referrals are provided, counseling is provided on career choices, job listings are offered, and other employment services are provided. Some of these centers also offer ESL courses and vocational courses for immigrants.

If you want to find a comprehensive employment center at your place of residence, then contact us at or


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