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What rights gives US citizenship

Obtaining US citizenship gives permanent residents new rights and benefits. But citizenship imposes new responsibilities.

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Obtaining US citizenship gives permanent residents new rights and benefits. But citizenship imposes new responsibilities.

Why do you need to obtain US citizenship?

To become a citizen, a person must be ready:

  • swear allegiance to the United States of America;
  • renounce citizenship of another country;
  • be prepared to support and defend the United States of America and their Constitution.

Becoming a citizen, a person assumes all responsibility as an American. In exchange, he receives certain rights and benefits of citizenship. Permanent residents enjoy most of the rights of US citizens, and there are many important reasons for becoming a US citizen:

1. Voting and participation in elections

Only US citizens are eligible to participate in federal elections. In most states, only US citizens are allowed to vote in elections.

2. Participation in the jury

In most states, only US citizens are allowed to be jurors. Participation in the jury is an important duty of a US citizen.

3. The ability to travel with a US passport

The passport of a US citizen allows, if necessary, to resort to the assistance and assistance of the US state abroad, if necessary.

4. Opportunity to bring a family to the United States

US citizens have an advantage when applying for the entry of members of their families for permanent residence in the United States.

5. The possibility of obtaining American citizenship by children born abroad.

In most cases, a child of a US citizen who was born abroad automatically becomes a US citizen.

6. The right to get a job in the federal government

To work in certain positions in public institutions requires US citizenship.

7. Opportunity to become a selected official

Only citizens of the United States enjoy the right to be elected to elective positions in the federal government and to the majority of elective positions in state and local governments.

8. Saving US Residency

A US citizen cannot be denied the right to reside in the United States of America.

9. Eligibility for federal grants and scholarships

Many grants for financial assistance, including scholarships to university students and funds provided by the government for specific purposes, are available only to US citizens.

10. The possibility of obtaining government benefits

Some types of government benefits are available only to US citizens.

How to get information about the naturalization procedure

Persons aged 18 and older who wish to become US citizens must obtain Form M-476: Guide to Naturalization.

This guide contains important information about the requirements for naturalization. It also indicates the forms that a person will need to begin the naturalization procedure.

To find out if a person has the right to apply for naturalization, he should visit the Citizenship Information Center at

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