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What dangers await you in elevators in new york

According to DiNapoli's latest report, "private elevator inspection inspectors in the city of New York miss dangerous violations and allow faulty elevators to operate," the newspaper writes. Curbed.

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The city’s Construction Department (DOB) has 48 inspectors, but usually the department relies on private inspectors to audit 71 thousands of city elevators. DiNapoli's studied the results of audits of some private companies and came to alarming conclusions.

An audit of 12 elevators in 9 buildings in 5 districts, conducted by DOB auditors, revealed instances where private inspectors did not detect defects in the system responsible for preventing arbitrary door opening. Private inspectors did not examine the condition of the roof and elevator shaft.

In addition, in two elevators in two different buildings, private inspectors did not find that the hoisting ropes showed signs of wear. In one case, the inspector did not notice this problem, in the other, the inspector did not have the necessary equipment to measure the thickness of the cable.

“In a vertical city with tens of thousands of lifts that carry millions of people, it is unacceptable for residents to worry about poor quality checks or dangerous conditions,” the report says. DiNapoli's.

In 2016, the 11% (6 741) annual elevator checks that private inspectors had to conduct for DOBs were not completed. In the completed checks, a number of violations were missed, which could lead to the decommissioning of the elevator.

In many cases, private inspectors follow less stringent instructions that DOB inspectors adhere to.

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