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What social skills should you include on your resume to get a job?

As the US economy slowly recovers and tens of millions of unemployed people seek new job opportunities, many will update their resumes to send out to potential employers. Writes about it Grow.

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If you're updating your resume in the hopes of getting the attention of recruiters and hiring managers, be sure to highlight some of your so-called soft skills, such as time management and communication skills.

"Employers can train new hires in technical skills to improve their skills," says Vicki Salemi, career expert at Monster, "but soft skills are often more in demand."

Here are four “soft” skills to highlight on your resume, according to professional experts.

Ability to work well in a team

Are you in a hurry to help your colleagues with tasks that overwhelm them? Finding tools to improve your team workflow? Taking extra time each day to reflect on the overall goals of your team or company?

If you're a strong team player, be sure to include this on your resume, advises Brandi Frattini, Head of Talent Research at CareerBuilder. Emphasizing that you are collaborating shows potential employers that you will be easy to work with and that will help the team succeed.


According to a June 2020 Monster survey of 1613 U.S. respondents, nearly 56% of people would prefer to work from home and office at the same time when it's safe.

As companies find the best way to meet the needs of their workforce during a pandemic, and telecommuting is still popular today, Frattini suggests that you state on your resume that you're motivated, which means you can work independently and take the initiative.

This lets potential employers know they can trust you to complete tasks, even if they may not always see what you are doing.

Communication skills

"Your communication skills and your ability to build and develop relationships are especially important now," says Salemi. People working from home “rely on technology as a means to further develop and hone working relationships,” and as a way to keep their bosses informed of what they are achieving.

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Provide information that will show potential employers that you are comfortable communicating in different ways, that you are direct about what you need, and that you are clear about your thoughts.

Time management

If you're organized, detail-oriented and can meet deadlines, highlight your ability to manage time well on your resume.

Again, with so many companies sending their employees to work from home, let your future bosses know that even if they are not sitting next to you, you are able to complete your work on time.

How to include skills on your resume

When you include your skills on your resume, Frattini advises not to forget: what is behind them? That is, how you used each of them in your previous work.

Instead of just listing your skills, use your accomplishments and details of your work to illustrate them. Brandi Frattini summarizes: "Tell a story about how you applied them and it will help you."

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