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What tax deductions Americans can apply in returns for 2021

It seems like tax season always creeps in unexpectedly. It is important to know how to reduce your tax costs. With so many new laws on pandemic payments and tax credits for children, the calculations can be confusing. FingerLakes1.

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There are many tax deductions and credits that can help you reduce your tax payments or get some of that money back.

Tax incentives for pandemic payments and work

The first and perhaps most discussed question is tax credit for children... Many families were able to receive the first half of these payments by breaking them down into 6 small advance payments. The remaining half of the payment can be claimed on the 2021 tax return.

Families with children under the age of 6 can get a $ 3600 tax credit, and with children between the ages of 6 and 17, up to $ 3000. Dependents aged 18 years old can qualify for $ 500, the same amount for dependents aged 19-24 if they are in college.

Previous tax credits prior to the American Rescue Act were $ 2000 per child.

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Eligible dependents include a child, stepson, foster child, brother or sister, half-brother or sister, grandson, niece, or nephew.

The next important tax change to keep in mind is recovery rebate credit... It is available to those who did not receive the third check of pandemic payments or received only part of it, although they had the right to receive the entire amount and can prove this with their declaration for 2021.

Tax earned income tax credit reduces the amount of tax arrears for working families with low and middle income.

In addition, there is tax credit for training. It can be requested for yourself, your spouse, or a dependent who pays for higher education. The income requirements for this loan will be published in January 2022.

Tax credits for pension deposits are available to those with an IRA or 401k account if you contributed to them during 2021.

Loans for education and family

American opportunity tax credit provided to first-time college students during their first year of study. The income cap for 2020 was $ 80 for a full loan and $ 000 for a partial loan. Figures for 90 will appear in January. The credit is up to $ 000 and is refundable up to 2021% of the amount remaining after your tax bill reaches $ 2500.

Child and dependent care credit this year is up to $ 8 for one child or $ 000 for two or more children. You will need to show proof of the expenses you have incurred in raising a child or dependent in order to get back up to 16% of those expenses in the form of a tax credit.

If you adopted a child this year, you can request adoption tax credit... It is designed to cover the costs of an adoption: court fees, attorney fees, travel, and any other expenses you incur in the adoption process. The maximum that could be requested in 2020 was $ 14. Figures for 300 have not yet been released.

Tax incentives related to everyday life

If your medical or dental expenses are more than 7,5% of your AGI (Adjusted gross income), you can deduct them from your taxable income. The deduction applies to fees for visits to doctors, dentists, psychiatrists, hospital visits, nursing home care, acupuncture, drug treatment, and items such as glasses, contact lenses, wheelchairs, or other medical accessories.

Residential energy loan is provided to those with energy efficient homes

If you have installed energy efficient windows, doors, roofs, insulation, heating systems, air conditioning systems, water heaters, stoves, or solar powered elements, you can claim benefits - residential energy credit.

Student loan interest is deducted from taxable income.

If you have made contributions to health savings account, these dollars will not be subject to federal tax. You can deduct the contributions made to the account.

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Finally, deduction of charitable contributionswhich is one of the most commonly used tax deductions. You will need to include a list of donations made, which may include property or money donated to relevant organizations.

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