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Which airlines are most likely to lose or damage baggage

Flying can be a stressful experience due to ticket prices, flight delays and cancellations, but add in lost or damaged luggage and you have an absolute vacation headache. Which airports and airlines lose luggage more often, found out in Forbes Advisor, writes Digg.

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Some airports and airlines treat luggage much worse than others. Using data from the Transportation Security Administration and the US Department of Transportation, Forbes Advisor has compiled a ranking of the 100 worst airports in the United States, based on which airports are most likely to lose and damage your luggage and least likely to refund you.

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Overall, the worst airport is New York's JFK International Airport with the highest number of damage claims (1,93 per 100 domestic passengers) and property damage claims (000 per 1,48 domestic passengers) among all studied airports.

The second and third most lost luggage are Miami International Airport and Los Angeles International Airport.

Of the 15 airports with the worst baggage loss and damage, three are in New York: John F. Kennedy International Airport, Albany International Airport, and Westchester County Airport.

When it comes to airlines, American Airlines has the most mishandled bags per 1000 suitcases (5,34), while Hawaiian Airlines has the lowest at 2,90.

Table: ForumDaily

Between 2013 and 2022, none of the 100 busiest airports in the United States recovered more than 48% of customer claims for lost or damaged luggage.

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Table: ForumDaily

Table: ForumDaily

Table: ForumDaily

Table: ForumDaily

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Which airlines are most likely to lose or damage baggage

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