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How do children in the USA adopt from 15 years ago?

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Alyosha came to the USA in a small town in Pennsylvania for a summer vacation program 15 years ago. In those years, many American adoption agencies had the opportunity to arrange summer vacations for orphans from Russia. It was then that Alyosha had not only parents, but also a sister: Tom and Nancy Fox, in addition to Alyosha, also adopted a girl, Marina, the newspaper writes.Currently,"

A year after adoption, children from the orphanages of the Bryansk region came to visit them for the same summer program. Marina and Alyosha showed off their new life, taking the children from the children's home as their relatives, and their parents were happy to talk about their children.

“We have had a very successful adoption experience,” says Tom Fox. - We were ready for difficulties, but we managed to avoid them. Our children are very affectionate and respond to all our efforts. They have already learned English and were very well received at school. They have many friends there. "

“But what else was interesting, they mastered English, but then returned to Russian. We even invited a Russian language teacher and they read Russian books and fairy tales together, ”says Nancy Fox.

Most recently, we again came to the town of Clark Summit in the state of Pennsylvania to find out how these years were spent in the Fox family. How did former orphans from Russia grow and were brought up and what are they now? Get acquainted.

Here's how Alex Fox estimates these 15 years:

“When I first came here, it was difficult because I just didn't understand American culture. I thought that I would now go out into the street, throw a stone at someone's window, and everything will be fine. But my parents explained to me that I was no longer in Russia, that it was impossible to do this here, there are laws and rules, and I must follow them. I think it helped me grow as a person here in the United States and understand the culture and people. I was no longer as crazy as in the beginning. And as I grew up, I grew up and became more serious. And my parents were always there and said what was good and what was bad ”.

The family traveled a lot, showing their children a new country.

“We went to Disneyland, to the beach, sometimes we went to visit my father’s friends somewhere, but we didn’t go abroad as a child,” says Alexey.

While studying at the university, Alexey went to Europe for the first time: “It was my program for studying abroad, it took place in Krakow, Poland. We were there for 4 weeks and got acquainted with the culture, tried to understand how it differs from ours. Everything is completely different there, everything flows very slowly, here the rhythm of life is fast. No one is in a hurry there, it seemed to me that everyone is always late. "

The father of the family, Tom Fox, is a successful businessman, and, raising his children, he constantly reminded them that for life success the most important thing is to learn. Parents paid for their studies at universities, and Marina and Alyosha, having mastered their father's instructions, studied well and received diplomas.

“I want to work in business, because my main specialization is business management, but apart from that I studied Russian and Russian culture. Hope I can find a good job. I am ready to work hard. If you want to achieve something in this country, you have to work hard, devote a lot of time to your career, like everyone else, ”says Alexey.

While Alexei in search of work. He carefully examines the proposals, without haste assesses posts. They all live together, friends often visit this hospitable spacious house. The city is small, almost everyone knows each other.

“Yes, I have a lot of friends - maybe because I have a positive attitude to everything, it's very easy for me to meet people,” says Alexey.

Relationship with sister Marina Alyosha calls typical.

“Like all brothers and sisters. We quarrel sometimes, often we disagree with each other, sometimes it even comes to the point that we don't talk to each other. But then we calm down. Business as usual between brother and sister. She is good, she is my sister, I love her, ”says Alexey.

Alyosha is confident in the future: “My biggest dream is to become a multi-billionaire. In general, I just want to be happy, confident, that's all. But money is also good. ”

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