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How do startup makers live in San Francisco? A PHOTO

25-year-old Sander Dey pays $ 1900 per month to rent a seat in downtown San Francisco. Besides him, there are more tenant 40 in the house, as well as tenants, many of whom sleep on 2-tier beds.

He lives in the Negev, a communal living space for developers, programmers and other people working in the field of modern technology.

These communal apartments are located in an area known as SoMa or South of market , and became popular in San Francisco after the arrival of young professionals who face high rents and a shortage of apartments.

According to residents, the Negev has 3 floors and around 50 rooms with 2-tier beds, lots of beer bottles and laptops.


Dey was born and raised in New York. Last year, he received a degree in computer science and mathematics from McGill University. Unemployed, he moved to California 6 months ago and found his room in the Negev on Craigslist.

“I thought New York was expensive,” said Dey, who quickly landed a job as a virtual reality engineer at a consulting firm. moBack... "It's like we live in a fraternity house."

РђР »РѕРЅ Р“ утмР° РЅРєРС‚РРРЂР ‹С ‹Р№С ‹С‚Р ° Р» РѕРґРЅРЁР РR РR РR °R °RРRРRРRРRРRРRRrRrRrRrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr РR РRРRѓR ѓC РC ‡ RёR Р RI »R РRёR · RёRЅRi R · RґR ° RЅRёRµ PI 2014 РіРѕРґSѓ, SЃRєR ° R · R ° R‹ S », S S‚Rѕ PµPіRsRµR †R †R S RSR” R »R ,R ,R ,R ,RRRRRRRRRR »R »R »R »R »R »R »RRRRRRRRRRR »R »R »R »R »R »RRRRRRRRRRRR »R »R »RRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRR Р 30% Р РРѕ 50% меРXСЊС € Рµ, С ‡ ем РґСЂСѓРіРёРµ РІ этом же СЂР ° Р№РѕРЅРµ.

“We are trying to solve the housing crisis through increasing density in a positive way,” he added.


PORTHOLDS , Р ° остР° Р »СЊРЅС‹ Рµ РІ РћСЃС, РёРЅРµ, С € тР° С ‚Тех Р ° СЃ, Рё РћРєР» енде, С € С, Р ° С ‚РљР ° Р» РёС РѕСЂРРёСЏ.

As the founder explained, the company chooses a building in low-income areas, rebuilds it to accommodate a larger number of tenants.

Sarah Sherbun-Zimmer, executive director of the San Francisco Housing Rights Committee, said the "Negev" communal apartment of affordable housing makes it inaccessible. “All they did was take housing from the people who owned it and push them away to make some quick money,” she added.

RљSѓRјR ° SЂ ROSЂRoRєR RЅS,R ° ° ° RїR, RєRѕS,RѕSЂS <R№ S,R RєR¶Rμ RїR ° "P ° S,RoS, $ 1900 PI RјRμSЃSЏS † P · P ° 1-RјRμSЃS,RЅS <R№ In RЅRѕRјRμSЂ PI "RќRμRіRμRІRμV" SЃRєR ° F · P ° R "C ‡ S,Rѕ RѕRЅ RІS <SЂR ° F ± F" RґRѕRј Röhr -P · ° F · SЃRѕS Röhr ° † P "SЊRЅRѕRіRѕ RѕRїS <S,R ° RџRѕSЃR "Rμ 8 RјRμSЃSЏS † RμRІ R¶RoR RЅRo · PI RЅRμRј RoRЅR¶RμRЅRμSЂ RїSЂRѕRіSЂR RјRјRЅRѕRіRѕ RѕR ° ± ‡ RμSЃRїRμS RμRЅRoSЏ RґR" SЏ Oracle will soon move to another location. “I met a bunch of friends, but I want to move to a bigger place,” he said.

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