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The attitude of Americans to immigrants has changed dramatically in recent years.

Modern American views on how immigrants influence the United States remain mostly positive. A quarter of a century ago, statistics were fundamentally different.

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Most Americans claim that immigrants are strengthening the US, writes the research center Pew Research Center. This attitude has persisted for several years, with 62% saying immigrants strengthen the United States through hard work and talent. And only 28% consider immigrants a burden on the country because they take away American jobs and benefits.

The picture is significantly different from what was thought and said in the United States a quarter of a century ago. In 1994, 63% of Americans stated that immigrants burden the country, and 31% expressed the opinion that they strengthen it.

Infographics: Pew Research Center

It is estimated that 2016 had a million immigrants living in the United States in 45,1, making up 13,9% of the country's population. The majority (76%) are in the country legally.

Republicans and Democrats have never had more polarized views on immigrants than they do now. Democrats and Democratic Party leaners overwhelmingly say immigrants are the strength of the nation (83%); only 11% say immigrants are a burden to the United States. Among Republicans and Republican independents, 38% say immigrants strengthen the country, while nearly half (49%) say they are a burden to the country.

There is a difference in the opinions of generations. 75% of millennials (born in 80-90's) say that immigrants have a positive impact on the country, rather than burdening the US, which is comparable to 63% of Generation X representatives (born in 1960-1965), 52% of baby boomers (born during the population explosion after World War II) and 44% of respondents from the Quiet generation (born around 20-40's of the last century).

In 1994, Generation X, baby boomers and Silent generation expressed a positive attitude towards immigrants about equally.

Infographics: Pew Research Center

The differences between the generations are evident in both parties, but are especially pronounced among Republicans. More than half of the Republican millennials (58%) say that immigrants are fortifying the country, compared to 36% of Republicans from Generation X and an even smaller proportion among older generations.

There are slight differences of opinion among generations among Democrats, and at least 7 from 10 representatives of each generation speaks of positive influence, including 88% of millennials and 87% of representatives of Generation X.

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