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How to survive hostage and crush

In the terrorist attack that occurred in the stadium Stade de France in Paris, could die ten times more people. If the suicide bomber entered the stands and blew himself up, the stadium would start to panic, and there would be more victims from the crush.

“Islamic State” promises to arrange new terrorist attacks in America and Europe. The world is on guard, but just in case “Forum” has gathered the basic rules of behavior when there is a crush in crowded places.

Calculate options for retreat

Once in a crowded place, calculate your retreat options in advance. Remember that the most dangerous places during the general escape are the space near the stage, narrow aisles, the place near the changing rooms and glass windows.

Include savvy

During an aggravation of the situation, when there is nowhere to run, turn on your wit. Simulate a heart attack, and best of all, vomiting, so that the people part and you can get out. But the best thing is to calm down and assess the situation soberly.

Follow the flow

In the case of movement of the crowd, move along with all along the way, and not against or across. Do not let push yourself to the center or to the very edge. In the center you will be pressed from all sides, and along the edges they can be pressed against the wall. Hands hold to yourself so as not to cling to the handrails or other objects.

Forget about dropped items

In case of panic, the crowd becomes aggressive. In this case, you should forget about fallen things. While you are trying to raise them, other people can just trample you. Fleeing people do not look at their feet.

In the center of the crowd is the most dangerous

It is very dangerous when you are tightly clamped in a crowd. Remember that you will not fall, but you can be crushed by the mass of bodies. To prevent this, protect the ribs, abdomen and chest, bending your elbows and pressing them to the sides.

If you fell

The worst thing is to fall while the crowd is moving. You need to cover your head and stand abruptly to your feet, clinging to people and clothes. Do not disdain anything and grab anything just to get up. If you didn't succeed, take the fetal position: curl up, press your chin to your chest, knees to your head, covering your head with your hands. Wait out the flow of people and go to the first-aid post.

In 2010, more than a hundred people suffered as a result hustle at the Electric Daisy Carnival festival in Los Angeles. According to the testimony of medical staff on duty at the stadium, out of 185, thousands of people who attended the festival in two days received at least 226 injuries. And in 114 cases, the case ended with hospitalization.

Case smells like kerosene

Remember, if the crowd is dispersed by the military or the police, do not run to meet them. In such a situation, they will not understand, and can give a baton on the head.

How to survive as a hostage

An hour after the start of the concert of the American rock band Eagles of Death Metal terrorists started shooting and taking hostage of visitors.

In such cases, the first thing is to limit any contact with the criminals, not to cause aggression, hostility and not to attract their attention. It is better to keep quiet and not ask them questions. You should not resort to extreme measures to free yourself. Remember, any thoughtless actions can cost you your life.

Use any opportunity to inform about your location, about the behavior of terrorists.

During the force release of hostages, take cover behind objects that can protect you from bullets, shrapnel. Move away from the front door, windows, hatches and take a horizontal position. Stay in this position until you receive a command about the following actions.

In no case do not take into the hands of weapons of criminals during the assault. You can be mistaken for a terrorist and killed without looking.

Memorize a couple of mobile phones of relatives.

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