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How to learn English without having the ability and desire: a way for those who "can no longer"

The first thing people think about who wants to move to America or has already moved is the study of language. It would seem that there are no problems with this in our time: the Internet is replete with announcements of various courses and tutors. Moreover, in the United States itself, you can easily find courses for immigrants in local colleges where you can learn the basics of the English language.

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I do not have the ability to learn English, what should I do?

However, what if you hate English lessons from school, and the thought of cramming, daily homework, writing essays in a foreign language on a topic that is not close to you causes horror? Simply put, what to do to those who do not have the slightest ability to learn foreign languages?

In fact, the problem of lack of ability exists only in your head. The experience of teachers and their students in the online school of English Skyeng shows that it is enough for a person to clarify the real purpose of learning a language, how the process of learning is accelerated by an order of magnitude.

The difference in school methodology Skyeng in that she selects a teacher for each student individually, based on his interests and goals. At the same time, the study of the language itself on 60% consists of a conversation on topics that are interesting to the student, and English becomes imperceptibly the second native language.

We list the main advantages of the school:

1. Classes with a personal tutor at the price of group courses

This means not only that you do not have to “customize” your English to the general level of the class, but also that the whole activity will be aimed at achieving your personal goals, whether it is university entrance, interviewing, development writing lyrics in english, business English, business communication, etc.

The cost of classes starts from $ 13 for a lesson that is comparable to the offers of courses where classes are held in groups.

2. Individual program and approach

During your life in the country, you already clearly understand what skills and in what area you lack, and where gaps are found. It is the elimination of these gaps that you will deal with during lessons in Skyeng. No one will force you to talk for hours “about the weather and youth fashion,” if you don’t need it.

Also you pick up a teacherpossessing the necessary skills and interests with which it will be pleasant and interesting to work. This can be either a Russian-speaking teacher or a native speaker. And, of course, you can change teachers at any time absolutely free.

Of course, you will not be able to avoid homework, but again, they will touch topics you are interested in. For example, if you are a political journalist, you can get an article about your subject matter. Thus, learning the language is no longer a tedious waste of time, but in the continuation of your work, but this time - at a qualitatively higher level.

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3. No need to spend time on the road and adjust to someone else's schedule

You can study English at any time convenient for you and in any place where there is access to the Internet. Skyeng conducts classes on his own interactive video platform, and you do not need to spend time and money on the road - and at the same time persuade yourself to leave the house when the weather is bad.

And if something goes wrong - you can always transfer the lesson to another day, the main thing is not to forget to warn your teacher about it.

4. Additional ways of language perception

В Skyeng exist special tools for training listening comprehension. This includes, for example, the mobile application. Listeningdesigned specifically for training the understanding of speech by ear. It includes a collection of various audio recordings for any level of language proficiency, of different lengths and subjects, from business to humor.

Also for school students there is a Skype speaking club from Tuesday to Saturday. Every day offers different topics, and at the same time, each of them is focused on a certain level of knowledge, and the words necessary for a class are laid out in advance on the site. A part of the homework often becomes "dictation" - literal decoding of a two-minute audio recording. This will give you a much larger range of practice than constant communication with the same acquaintances.

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5. Free materials, applications and tools

In addition to paid classes with a teacher, Skyeng allows free and unlimited "pumping" skills using materials and training on your video platform. Here you can take tests on the knowledge of grammar, and then eliminate the identified gaps in knowledge with the help of exercises. You can also watch videos with English subtitles and add unfamiliar words to your dictionary.

application Sword, for example, allows you to train knowledge of the words that a student adds to his vocabulary by clicking on them while working on a video platform. Also Skyeng conducts webinars on a variety of topics twice a week, and video tutorials on films that will turn the lesson into almost entertainment.

Thus, from many existing language courses and linguistic schools Skyengperhaps best suited to people aiming at concrete bottom line and not possessing time or special abilities to learn the language "for the sake of the language."

Experience shows that such people master the skills of literate writing and speech - only for the sake of themselves, their favorite business, and the great opportunities for self-realization abroad.

Sign up for a free introductory lesson and find out your level of English, how many lessons per week you need to reach your goal and which teacher is right for you.

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