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How to sleep during the flight: practical advice from experts

If you do not have money for a business class, then sleeping on an airplane is likely to bring you some inconvenience. However, there are ways to improve it a bit. Edition Huffington Post asked traveling bloggers and other experts to share their sleeping tips on long flights.

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Avoid sugar and alcohol.

You should completely avoid alcohol and sugar. It can be assumed that alcohol will help you fall asleep, but it will not last long - only 3-4 hours - and you wake up with a headache, feel thirsty and cannot fall asleep again.

When you sit for a long time and do not spend a lot of energy, eating sweets will lead to bloating.

Wear loose shoes

If you plan to sleep in flight, wear loose shoes. It prevents swelling of the legs.

Choose a place wisely

Try to get a seat by the window so you can lean against the wall (not to mention controlling the blinds). Take a pillow around your neck or use a pillow provided by the company.

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Try to get tired

Drink as much water as possible to avoid dehydration, and also move around the airport while there is time before boarding.

Airports are great places for walking and pumping endorphins, the immune system, and the circulatory system. In addition to walking, use the airport seats to lift your legs and toned muscles of your lower body, as well as walls for push-ups and arms.

Buy a good travel pillow

Find out the size and style that suits you before boarding a plane with this pillow. Try it while sitting on the couch, and then you can sleep soundly on your next flight.

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Even if you are stuck in an average seat or just afraid to be on the plane, not to mention getting a good night's sleep in it, don't be afraid! The first thing you can do is focus on your thinking!

Take some time to enjoy the journey — starting at the airport — and practice gratitude that you are lucky enough to go on a trip (and sleep on the plane) when so many other people in the world cannot afford it.

Wear comfortable clothing

Buttons can be your worst enemy on a long flight. Clothing that can be removed is ideal in flight because the temperature in an airplane can be unpredictable.

Bring earplugs (earplugs) and eye masks

Earplugs and eye masks - a godsend in a crowded long flight. They block light and noise from everything and everything around you. No matter how dark and quiet the cabin can be, it will help you not to be afraid if your neighbor decides to suddenly turn on the reading light in the middle of the night.

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Use your coat

Wear a coat with many deep pockets that you can fold all the necessary things for the flight. You can also fold the coat and use it as a pillow.

Eat healthy foods in advance

Try to make healthy choices and avoid sugar or heavy carbohydrates.

Keep germs at bay

Carry antibacterial wipes and wipe the armrests, head restraints and table.

Try a secret exercise for sleeping

Learn the method of falling asleep taught in the army. First, you relax all the muscles in the face, including the tongue, jaw, and muscles around the eyes. Then you lower your shoulders and let your limbs relax, as if they were just numb. Finally, you control your breathing and gradually allow yourself to fall asleep.

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