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How to upload a copy of everything Google knows about you

If you are using Google services, then you should know that there is a really easy way to download all your personal information stored on the company's servers. The instruction and experience of uploading data was described by journalist Todd Haslton for CNBC.

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This is especially important if you ever want to give up Google and completely delete your account, but keep the records in Googlecalendar, image archive in Google Photos or a copy of all the letters in gmail. It will also be useful if you do not want to forget about all that Google knows about you.

We publish information on how to upload your data archive from Google. We remind: loading your data does not delete them. Think of it as a backup.

What does Google know about you?

This is a large amount of data, especially if you use services such as Google Maps or search. At the end of last year, I learned that companies know my name, gender, birthday, personal cell phone numbers, place of work, all the places I have been in for the past few years, a hobby I have been fond of, and much more.

In the archive that you download, you will receive a copy of almost everything that stores Google on their servers, including contacts gmailbookmarks Chrome, transactions from various services Google locations stored in Google maps and much more.

You will find all sorts of data, including (in my case, starting from 8 November 2013):

  • Every place I was looking for Google maps.
  • Applications that I opened on Android up to a second of time when they opened.
  • The reward cards that I once used to Google Pay.
  • Everything I asked for Google Assistant.
  • Every comment I left on UAF YouTubeand every video I watched.
  • Every application for AndroidI searched or downloaded.
  • Every news article I read in Google News.
  • Ads I have viewed or visited in any of the products Google. All my files gmail, including spam and trash. … and so on.

How to upload Google data archive

You can download an archive of all the data that is stored about you on the services Google, in the following way:

Visit Select the data you want to copy.

I decided to choose everything.

Click "Next" at the bottom of the page. Choose a file format - you can choose a .zip file and a maximum size.

I recommend downloading the full file to 50 GB in order not to divide your data into several files. If you choose a size in 2 GB and you have a lot of personal information, you will receive a lot of ZIP files at the output.

Choose the two gigabyte option if you have an old computer, because ZIP files larger than 2 GB require newer operating systems.

Select download method. You can receive the link by email or send the archive to Dropbox, Google Drive or Microsoft OneDrive. Click "Create Archive". Wait. Google warns that it may take several hours or days to create an archive. It took me about 20 hours - and I ended up with about 148 GB of content for sorting, which is a lot.

Google collect all the information stored in its products, and send you an email with a warning, including a link or notification, which is now in one of the above mentioned cloud storage services. You can then open this file to view all your data, photos, calendar files, and more.

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