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How to choose the method of learning English that is right for you

Visuals, audials, and kinesthetics absorb information in different ways. How to determine your type of perception and use it in learning English - says the publication Lifehacker.

1. English for visuals

You are visual if:

  • Meet and escort clothing. Never allow yourself crumpled clothes and dirty shoes or forgive the scruffy appearance of others.
  • At the restaurant you order the most beautiful dish. Taste and price are the tenth thing, the main thing is to take a picture and put it on Instagram.
  • Treasure your personal space and pay attention to the interior.
  • Prefer to look into the interlocutor's eyes.
  • Often unconsciously say: “Look ...”, “It will be seen there ...”
  • Love to dream and tell stories well. True, rarely and only close.

In visuals, the main sensory organ is the eyes. The brighter and more visual the picture, the easier it is for them to remember the information. They adore tables and graphs. Long sheets of text make the visuals sad - everything should be structured and preferably colorful.

For learning English, a card system is suitable for them.

2. English for audiences

You are an audio if:

  • Often you hum something under your breath. Do not spend a day without music.
  • For you, intonation is more eloquent than words: it’s important not what they say, but how.
  • You are wildly enraged by quiet interlocutors and poor telephone service. Always speak loudly and clearly yourself.
  • Send voice messages even when you can write.
  • Phrases often appear in your speech: “Listen ...”, “It sounds tempting ...”
  • Love interesting stories, but don't like to read them. Well, football without a commentator is not football for you at all.
  • Friends and colleagues often turn to you for advice. And you are willing to express your opinion.

Audiences do not just listen - they hear. And then they immediately retell, supplementing the information received with bright epithets. Learning English is easiest for them through podcasts and songs.

On the subject: 7 traps in English, from which no one is safe

In order to remember something well, the audience needs to say it out loud. Many schools or even libraries have conversational clubs for English learners. If you have no time to communicate, or while you are shy of your pronunciation, open the lyrics and sing in English. If you meet an unfamiliar phrase - add it to your personal dictionary.

3. English for kinesthetics

You are a kinesthetic if:

  • Always rely on experience. You do not accept anything on faith and learn only from your mistakes.
  • Indifferent to styles and colors. Clothing should be just comfortable.
  • Do not buy a chair for anything on the Internet: first you need to sit and touch.
  • Adore hugs! Relationships at a distance are not about you.
  • Prefer outdoor team games. Between "Mafia" and "Twister" just choose the latter.
  • Well versed in coffee, wine, cheeses or everything at once. The heightened sense of smell and taste constantly push you to gastronomic experiments.
  • Your vocabulary has a lot of expressions like "I have goosebumps," "I feel it."

Kinesthetics interact with the world through sensations and emotions. Thanks to the developed motor and mechanical memory, it is easier for them to work out vocabulary through exercises with writing words, and grammar through interactive tasks.

What to do if you don’t know your type of perception

Some people have no way of understanding who they are: visuals, audials, or kinesthetics. This is normal. So, vision, hearing and touch are developed approximately the same, and you can mix different methods as you like.

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