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How to behave in New York, so as not to accidentally break the law

The whole world considers New York to be a city where everything is possible and allowed. But in fact, it is New York that is the birthplace of a long list of very strange, and sometimes frankly archaic laws. For violation of very unexpected of them, you can pay - from a small amount to imprisonment for several tens of days. So, in New York you can not:

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Participate in reckless roller skating

If you are roller skating and are thinking about driving to the city streets, think again, writes 6sqft. Section 19 of the Administrative Code of New York covers the concept of transport, and section 176.1 specifically addresses “reckless / reckless” rollerblading or skateboarding. The good news is the consequences are not too severe. Anyone found guilty of reckless skating will pay a fine from 50 to 100 dollars. Is it worth the opportunity to flash on their rollers in the middle of Sixth Avenue - you decide.

Repeatedly spit on the pavement

If you spit on the street, keep in mind that your bad habit can be expensive. The 16-118 section of Chapter 16 of the Administrative Code of New York clearly states: “No one should spit on the pavement of a street or public place or on the floor, wall, stairs of any public or private building or room used by the public or in any public vehicle ". Although the initial penalties are low (total US $ 75), if you continue to spit, a third violation per year can cost you US $ 450.

Arrange puppet or ballet performances in the shop window

Section 10, chapter 1 of the Administrative Code of New York, deals with public safety. It is said: “It should be illegal for any person, from any window or open space of any house or building, to demonstrate to the public on the street or on the sidewalk any performance of puppet or other figures, ballet or other dances, comedy, farce, show with moving figures, play or other entertainment. Worse, the consequences of the violation are not at all ridiculous: a fine of up to 25 dollars or imprisonment of up to 30 days, both options are possible.

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To post ads about missing cats

Living in an apartment is not suitable for all cats, so many of them periodically run away. What happens next is a desperate search for Smokey, Mallory or Mr. Paws, and a large poster that is copied and pasted next door. The problem is that sticking a poster, you break the law. As stated in chapter 10 of chapter 1 of the Administrative Code of New York (item 10-117): “No one should write, draw or create any inscription, number or sign, attach or place any type of sticker on any state or a private building or other structure or in any other real estate or personal property owned, operated or supported by a corporation with public benefits, the city of New York or any agency. ” At the end of 1990, the city also aggressively cracked down on graffiti; monthly around 1000 fines were issued for posters. And this law is really better to follow.

Shave on the ferry

The ferry service in New York continues to expand. Although those who are always in a hurry may be tempted to spend their morning procedures in the toilet of the ferry, for example, getting from Greenpoint to Midtown to work - if you do, you will technically break the law. In the same way, if you find the evening ferry a good place to change clothes from office to informal, think twice. As stated in the 1-02 subsection of the 1 chapter of the 34 chapter, “No one should bathe, wash, shave, change clothes or undress in any public toilet, sink or any other area in terminals or ferries.”

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Cook or sell salted cod

According to section 24, chapter 9 of the Administrative Code of New York (subsection 9-02), cooking and selling salted fish, apparently, also violate something. It is said: “Ready-to-eat raw, whole, salted, air-dried fish, which may or may not be lightly smoked and sold under the names of 'kopchonka,' 'ribeyza,' 'rostov' or 'rybetz', is hereby defined and declared“ unsuitable for food. " But it does not seem to be strictly enforced. On Yelp, the search for salted cod or baccala shows dozens of fish shops and even grocery stores where you can buy this product "unfit for food", so if you are a fan of salty fish, you probably have nothing to worry about.

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