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How to return money for the purchase of applications

Buying games or other applications on a smartphone, people are often disappointed. But at the same time, they often simply put up with the situation and leave everything as it is.

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In fact, there are several ways to return money for a purchase on Apple Store, Google Play and Windows Store.

Apple Store

To return money for a purchase in Apple Storewill need a program iTunes. If you have a Mac, then it is already installed. For computers on the operating system Windows iTunes need to download and install separately.

On the iTunes for Windows you need in the menu under the player, click "Account" and select "View":


On the Mac, open Aytunes and select “Account - View” in the system menu:


Scroll down to the section “Purchase History”, click “See everything":


iTunes will show the latest 10 purchases in Apple Store, iTunes Store and iCloud. Click on the "Report a problem" button:


Next, select the desired purchase and click "Report a problem" - this link will be to the right of the name and type of purchase:


Click "Report a problem." A special page will open in the browser where you need to describe the reason for the refund. Apple offers 7 options. Let me explain what is suitable in your case.

Reason for returnSuitable if
"I did not give consent to this purchase."The application was bought by a stranger without your knowledge. For example, a child took your iPad and bought the game for 379 rubles.
"Purchase is made by mistake."You did not want to buy the app, but you accidentally clicked on “Buy”.
"I wanted to purchase other content."You wanted to buy another program, but accidentally bought this one.
“Content has not been downloaded or cannot be found.”You bought the app, but it didn’t download to your iphone or ipad.
"Content is not installing or loading too slowly."You bought the game or program, the download started, but the application has not been installed.
"Content opens, but does not work correctly."You bought the application, it was loaded and installed. Open - it works slowly or with errors. Or on the screenshots of the application in Epstore there was one thing, and in fact another.
"Problems not listed."All the rest.

Chose the item - now we need to describe the problem. Tell in detail about your situation. If a child bought a game or an in-game currency without your knowledge - just write. If the application crashes at startup, write this. If you bought the application, but it does not load - and write.

If you write that the application or game you just did not like, then the money will not be returned.


Describe the problem you need in English. If you do not know English, do not be afraid - write the text in Russian and translate in Google-translator. The main thing is that the text was clear the essence of the situation. If you are not sure, ask a friend who knows English well to check the text or write again.

When you describe the reason for the return, click "Send". If everything is done correctly, this message will appear:


Money is usually returned within 3 — 5 working days. If a Apple refuses to return, then send a letter explaining the reason for the refusal. If you need to clarify something, Apple write too. Prepare screenshots. If the application does not load or does not install, take a screenshot of the desktop with the program icon. If it is loaded and installed, but it does not work correctly, then take a screenshot of the application itself.

Return money for the application in Apple Store possible within 24 hours of purchase. The sooner you report a problem, the higher the chances that the money will be returned.

Google Play

Money for the purchase in Google Play can be returned in three ways. Google Play can instantly cancel a payment within 2 hours after purchase. If no more than 2 days have passed since the purchase, a refund can be made through a special form. In these cases, the money will return itself Google. If you didn’t meet the 48 hours, you’ll have to talk to the application developer.

Unlike Apple Store on Google Play You can immediately cancel the purchase of the application and return the money. This can be done within 2 hours after purchase. To do this, open Google Play on your smartphone, click on the menu on the left, select "Account" and open the order history:


The last application purchased will be on top. Click "Return Payment" - done. The money will be returned within an hour, and a letter will be sent to the post office confirming the cancellation.

Within 2 days after purchase

If the 2 hours did not fit, then you can return the money through form on Google site. This method works for 2 days after purchase. So you can get a refund for apps, in-app purchases and subscriptions. Google ask for a reason for return. Items are the same as on the site Apple - Do not get confused.


Also Google will ask for the order number. You can learn it on the Google Wallet website. Enter your account information Google - A list of recent transactions will appear. We find the desired purchase, click - the order card opens. In the field "Transaction ID" and the order number is:


Copy it and describe the problem. We describe honestly, but remember that if you write that the application just did not like it, then the money can not be returned.

It remains to choose how Google it is better to contact you - by phone or mail - and click "Send." Usually, the request is considered within 15 minutes. But Google warns that it may take 2 business days.

More 2 days after purchase

If more than 2 days have passed since the purchase, Google offer to request a refund from the application developer. To contact him, open the application page in Google Play in the browser and go down to the "Additional Information" section. In the field "Developer" must be specified e-mail.


Write a letter describing the problem in detail and ask for a refund. Remember that the developer may refuse to return the funds or simply do not respond to the letter. You can write an angry review about the developer in Google Play, but the guarantee that the money will be returned two days after the purchase is not.

Windows Store

The site Microsoft and the user agreement does not set out a refund policy. Moreover, the agreement states: “Unless otherwise provided by the legislation or the offer of a particular service, all acquisitions are final and the corresponding amounts are non-refundable.” therefore Microsoft may not refund your money.

В Windows Store some paid apps have demos. This means that before you buy an application, you can try it and decide whether you need it or not.


To return money for a purchase in Windows Store, go to the browser on the computer on page with your account information в Microsoft. It shows your billing information and purchase history.

In the history of purchases we find the application for which we want to return the money. Open and click "Get help regarding the order." Microsoft offer to chat with a specialist in a chat or call back. The chat option is the easiest. Note that chat works on a schedule: from 8 to 21 hours from Monday to Friday, from 8 to 19 hours on Saturday and from 8 to 16 hours on Sunday.

  1. Apple Store Returns money within 24 hours after purchase. Refunds are made only for programs and games that do not load or work incorrectly. If you write that you simply did not like the application, the money will not be returned.
  2. В Google Play You can make an instant refund within 2 hours after purchase. If you do not have time, then you need to fill out a form on the site. Google - this can be done within 2 days after purchase. If more than 2 days have passed, you will have to talk about returning with the developer of the program. But there is no guarantee that he will refund the purchase price.
  3. В Windows Store some paid programs have demos. Use them before you buy an application or game. Remember that the user agreement Microsoft may not return money for purchase in Windows Store.
  4. Describe the problem honestly. As a rule, support specialists Apple, Google and Microsoft go forward. Take screenshots - with them it will be easier to explain the situation.

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