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How to get a refund for canceled travel, events and services

The coronavirus pandemic put a stop to everyday life: millions of people canceled travel plans and various events, and do not know what to do with paid tuition or a subscription to a sports club. Expert Fox News Regina Conway tells you how to reschedule or receive cash compensation for trips, events, or services that you have already paid for, but they did not take place due to quarantine.

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According to statistics, compared with the same dates in 2019, now the number of air transportation of passengers within the United States has decreased by 58%. What if you have already booked a flight?

First of all, it is important to understand: until your flight cancels, transfers or transfers to another airline directly by your airline, you are not entitled to compensation. Your procedure:

  • Do not cancel the flight on your own initiative;
  • check your email regularly;
  • check your reservation online;
  • Check the flight schedule on the airline’s website;
  • refer to the message of the Department of Transport dated April 3 (on the procedure for compensating a passenger for a canceled flight - the whole text here).


There are not one hundred people who gave a lot of money for booking a sea cruise. What do they do?

As a rule, cruises are a more flexible system. Many companies offer refunds or offer the option of creating a line of credit from funds already paid for for future travel. Primarily:

  • go to the cruise company's website to fill out a refund form or transfer them to a future loan fund;
  • Contact your travel agent.


Many students were sent home from college in March, but at the same time they study online, completing assignments organized by colleges and listening to lectures. In some cases, students have the opportunity to receive a certain compensation of funds:

  • contact the financial assistance department of your educational institution and inquire about their possible partial or full monetary compensation or the possibility of deferring the already paid amount of money for future education.

On the subject: Interest cancellation and deferred payments: what you need to know about student loans during a coronavirus outbreak


There are also people who have been planning a wedding for several months this spring or early summer, what are their options for action? Since preparations for the wedding usually involve several organizations and individuals providing services during the event, there may be different options for reimbursing funds for canceling or reschedule a holiday. What can be done:

  • carefully read the signed contracts;
  • talk with your service providers about deferring their delivery date;
  • Examine your insurance conditions for possible compensation for cancellation or rescheduling.

Sport Club

There is another category of people whose money has suffered as a result of the pandemic - those who have already paid for membership in a sports club. As a rule, gyms are closed now, while your training time has already been paid. What to do:

  • Learn the rules of your sports club;
  • monitor possible opening dates;
  • Contact someone from your gym that you know;
  • try to temporarily “freeze” your membership without canceling it entirely - you will most likely want to return.
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