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Over 10 options: how to get financial assistance in the USA during the COVID-19 pandemic

Coronavirus is causing economic damage to people and families around the world. Whether because of job loss, a growing bundle of medical bills, or for a number of other reasons, many people are faced with financial difficulties: the virus continues to spread, which leads to the closure of enterprises, recalls Fox News.

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Some states are taking steps to help their citizens maintain financial stability during an outbreak, such as providing protection from late rent fines. There are also several resources that you can turn to for help.

The government has created a website, which offers users various options for benefits and assistance during an outbreak of coronavirus. The site even has questionnairewhich aims to help users determine which tutorials are applicable to them.

For those who have lost their jobs, Department of Labor offers unemployment benefits, which may include additional distress unemployment assistance.

U.S. Small Business Association ready to help small businesses and nonprofit owners affected by the viral epidemic by offering low interest loans of up to $ 2 million in 30 states and Washington, DC.

Similarly, Jewish Free Loan Association offers loans to those affected by the outbreak without any additional fees or interest.

Service workers and those who depend on the tip have the opportunity to seek help from the organization One fair wage.

On the subject: How to get medical insurance in case of COVID-19 in the USA: special registration periods are open

CORE, an organization providing resources and support to food and beverage workers who have children, offers financial assistance to individuals with a positive result at COVID-19. Medical records are required.

Organization Restaurants care provides grants to people with confirmed coronavirus infection, to those who care for them, and to their immediate family.

Bartenders Emergency Program offers grants to bartenders or their children who “lack life needs” during times of crisis.

For those who have to pay student loans, Savi and Student Debt Crisis offer assistance that can reduce their monthly payments to zero.

National Alliance of Homeworkers established a special fund for workers such as nannies and janitors.

А here You will find a large list of organizations offering financial assistance to those involved in the arts.

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