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Tens of millions of people a month: how Americans will be vaccinated against COVID-19

In 2021, about 19-25 million Americans will be able to receive vaccinations against COVID-30 each month. This was stated by the chairman of the rapid response group on vaccines and drugs in the White House, Monsef Sloughi. More details about the plans for vaccinated Americans told the publication "Voice of America".

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The time frame depends on how quickly the US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) approves emergency use of one or more COVID-19 vaccines. It could be “a matter of weeks”, according to Sloughie.

During a White House briefing with the participation of US President Donald Trump and health experts, officials said the government hopes to begin vaccinations in December, with plans to vaccinate up to 20 million people at highest risk by the end of the year.

Once the vaccine is officially approved in the United States, human vaccinations will begin within 24 hours, General Gustave Perna, chief operating officer of the White House vaccination initiative, Warp Speed, said.

Progress in vaccine development

Last week, Pfizer announced that their the vaccine showed 90% effectiveness, and on Monday, November 16, it became known that the Moderna vaccine has an effectiveness of 94,5%.

Pfizer intends to apply for FDA approval so that this vaccine can be used in hospitals. Pfizer is partnering with the German company BioNTech on this development.

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The US government has signed an agreement with Moderna and Pfizer to supply 100 million doses of vaccines if they are found to be effective and safe.

However, vaccination with drugs from both of these companies involves two doses, so the government order will be able to reach half as many people.

Why the vaccine won't stop wearing masks

Safety masks and social distancing will be necessary even after the COVID-19 vaccination. This was announced on Sunday, November 15, by the chief infectious diseases physician of the United States Anthony Fauci, writes "Voice of America".

“I would recommend people not to abandon all health advice just because they received the vaccine,” Fauci said.

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"Even if the overall vaccine is 90-95% effective, you do not always know how effective it is for you," added the US chief infectious diseases doctor.

Fauci also said that he himself, once he received the vaccine, would not be able to safely give up all protective equipment.

According to the doctor, the vaccine will allow you to relax and relieve anxiety about the possibility of becoming infected, however, he does not recommend completely abandoning protective equipment during a pandemic.

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