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How in New York to go to the doctor for free and without insurance

ForumDaily already talked about How to survive in New York single immigrantshared that How to cheaply cure your teethpublished the most useful A guide for an immigrant in New York: how you can save on medical care and even shared the experience of a person who was in a homeless hospital and an insane asylum in New York. The topic of medical care, especially free, is inexhaustible and always relevant. Having experienced everything on personal experience and checking life hacking in action, ForumDaily journalist learned how to get a doctor's advice, check her health or just attend seminars of representatives of the best medical institutions absolutely free. We describe the detailed algorithm on personal experience.

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For whom

This option is suitable for everyone, especially for those who have questions about health, but there is no medical insurance. Or, if it is still there, but you want to “save” the number of visits. Another option is you panic, there is no time to wait, and the doctor can only take you in two weeks and then assign the necessary tests, and then just some hospital offers what you need.

Algorithm of your actions: how it works

All major medical institutions conduct activities aimed at promoting a healthy lifestyle and the prevention of various kinds of diseases. For example, you would like to check something specific at your place or you simply would not mind having a diagnosis - it would not hurt.

You visit the site of any (or each in turn) large hospital in the city, enter “events” in the search bar and see what is right for you.

It can be suggestions of absolutely any kind: cardiogram, mammogram, reception of an oculist, neuropathologist or endocrinologist, lecture on proper nutrition, weight loss workshop or free zumba, yoga and meditation classes.

Very often, trainings are held for medical workers - groups, as a rule, are limited, but the opportunity to get there exists if someone is interested.

In most cases, no record is needed: you just arrive at the specified time.

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My experience

I found a mole in me that suddenly changed color. Recalling that there was a case of melanoma in the family, I panicked, prepared my insurance and opened the website of the hospital I trust.

Fortunately, I didn’t even have to look for anything - it all came together in a puzzle: a banner “Free skin cancer checkup” flaunted before my eyes. And this event took place the very next day.

I decided to use the necessary coincidence and went to the department of dermatology. There were many volunteers in the hall, but no crowds, everyone had enough space to sit down.

The organization itself is at the highest level: you fill out a questionnaire with standard questions, get a number and in less than ten minutes you go to the doctor’s office. Administrators tried to distribute patients, apparently for greater convenience, also on the basis of language. In addition to formations on the skin, they also offered to diagnose hair and nails for free.

There were several dermatologists. But it was not at all like some kind of conveyor - they carefully studied every centimeter of your body under a microscope, talked and gave advice that can be applied in everyday life: how much shampoo to keep on top of your head to achieve such and such a result, can you use it with a certain type skin popular wipes for tanning, if the sun is undesirable, and so on.

You could ask absolutely any question to which you received a detailed answer with recommendations. Fortunately, I didn’t reveal any problem, but I was warned, and I, in turn, remind you: if someone in the family had skin cancer, you should go to a dermatologist’s scheduled appointment once a year, even if you don’t care . There are such cases that it is very difficult to find and discern if the education is, for example, on the back.

When at such events something is detected, sent for biopsy. This then, of course, comes at the expense of insurance or for money. But in my opinion, this diagnostic option, which I went to, is just perfect to calm down, or, conversely, to begin to “sound the alarm” and take urgent measures.

By the way, at the end everyone was given a bag with gifts, in which there were not only brochures on the diagnosis of skin cancer, but also various care products, including lotions, sunscreen, shower gel, antibacterial hand spray, disposable wash set for sensitive skin. and so on.

Photo by the author

At the exit, I talked to a woman of seventy, who said she loves to attend free consultations arranged by various hospitals “for their quality”, and her daughter and granddaughter go to yoga and meditation classes conducted by one of the medical institutions because that "there are many useful and some nice doctors."

In the near future

In this and next months you can find: yoga and belly dancing, an event for those who suffer from sclerosis, breast diagnostics, including mammogram; Weight Loss Workshop, where you can be helped to decide whether it is possible to do without surgical interventions, and much more.

Look at the information on the websites of various medical institutions; perhaps now you have what you need. And do not forget about other free help options.

To find out where to get free help or financial support, call 311, send an SMS with the text “CoveredNYC” or “SeguroNYC” to the 877877 number or visit this Page.

And be healthy!

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