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How to find out who is calling you from an anonymous number: a simple life hack

Fraud and spam calls are becoming more common. And it's hard not to answer them, because the number is displayed as "unknown". But there are ways to find out who is calling you from an unknown or blocked number. New York Post.

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When there is no caller ID number, you can't be sure whether it's spam or a long-awaited important call.

If you're waiting for a job offer or a call from a client, not knowing who's calling can make things worse. In addition, it is impossible to block spammers if their numbers are not displayed.

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We offer a useful guide to finding an unknown caller number. Uncover the anonymity of spam numbers and scammers with a few tricks.

Asterisk 69

Unwanted calls are very annoying. When mysterious phone calls flood your call log, this trick will help you identify the unknown caller number.

You may have heard or used the character set *twenty-one, to hide your number from the person you called. But are there similar combinations that can be dialed to answer these anonymous calls?

The first one * 69 - it keeps track of the number of the last person who called you. This combination even works for anonymous or hidden calls, so you can get the phone number and even the exact time it called.

When you find out the hidden number of an anonymous person, block it on your phone so that it can no longer reach you.

By dialing *69 you can call back the number right now, and if you want to resist scammers or spammers, then do it. But don't expect to get any information from them or be removed from their list.

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Another combination that can be used to trace a call is − * 57. This number should be used if you think a scammer or spammer is stalking you. *57 gives you a phone number and information about calls, and the information you receive is passed on to the police. Your telephone service logs the *57 call in a special way to make it easier for authorities to find and arrest someone who is harassing you.

The combination tells you the number of anonymous calls in real time and can automatically block spam.

Fake numbers are not a problem either. TrapCall forces callers to identify themselves before they miss calls. Get the first week of TrapCall for free. Then it will cost $3,95 per month for a single user or $7,95 for a premium package.

The premium package allows you to record incoming calls and play an alert message to keep everything legal.

The warning is optional.

For unknown callers

The purpose of identifying unknown phone numbers is to block those you don't want to talk to. If you have an iPhone, you can go a step further and automatically block numbers that aren't in your contact list.

This function is called Silence Unknown Callers (“Disabling unknown callers”). Calls from numbers not in your contacts will still go to your voicemail and appear in your recent calls list, but your phone won't ring.

If you're getting a lot of unknown calls, this feature might be for you - just follow these steps:

  • Go to Settings, then Phone.
  • Scroll down to the Silence Unknown Callers heading and select it.
  • Move the slider next to Silence Unknown Callers to the right to enable this feature.

There is a similar feature in the Samsung Galaxy. To activate it:

  • Open the Phone app and tap the More icon at the bottom of the screen - it's the icon with three vertical dots.
  • Tap Settings, then Call Blocking.
  • Turn on the Block anonymous calls switch.

If you have a different type of Android, download the Should I Answer app for the "Turn Off Unknown Callers" feature.

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If you know who is calling you anonymously, then save yourself the headache, potential spam and fraudulent calls.

Use any of the above methods to identify hidden phone numbers and block them. Or block unknown numbers altogether. Whatever your method, you will be safe and get rid of the irritant, which is 100% worth the effort.

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