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How to know how long the Immigration Service will process your application

The processing time for applications by the Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS) sometimes takes several months, and in some cases even years.

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If you want to know how long the process of processing your application will take, for this purpose on the USCIS website there is Special section.

In order to find out the estimated processing time, on the website you need to specify the form you are interested in and select the service department in which you intend to apply. After that, a table will appear on the screen with the processing time of the chosen form for different categories of applicants.

We decided to check how long USCIS (Californian service center) processes some of the most popular applications: I-130 (family reunion), I-765 (work permit in the USA), I-131 (travel abroad temporary green cards) and I-485 (Green Card Application).


The processing time for this form depends on the degree of your relationship with the relative you want to transport to the USA, as well as on your status in the country.

If we are talking about a husband / wife or child up to 21, the holder of a green card, the processing will take from 16 to 20,5 months. Attempting to transport an unmarried child to 21 in the US will take from 25,5 to 45,5 months (if the application is submitted by a US citizen, the processing is a bit shorter than in the case of the green card holder).

Applications for moving to a US citizen's brother or sister are processed the longest, and the processing period will take from 84 to 109 months, that is, from 7 to more than 9 years.

Screenshot from USCIS


Processing an application for a work permit in the US will take from 2,5 to 5 months for most applicants, but there are certain categories for which this process takes more or less time.

Screenshot from USCIS


Temporary green card holders, if necessary, go abroad for a year or more must apply for a re-entry permit. Processing of this application takes from 1,5 to 5 months.

Screenshot from USCIS


An application for a green card or status change will be processed from 12 to 23,5 months.

Screenshot from USCIS

You can check the processing time of other forms and in other centers by link.

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