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How to see the world, while saving $ 60 thousands: traveler tips

Traveling is not cheap and is getting more expensive - hotel prices are projected to rise by 3,7% and airfare by 3,5% in 2018.

Entrepreneur Travis Chambers, the founder of a video marketing agency that makes social videos, has been on more than 100 travels over the past 3 of the year. He travels with his wife and two children and says that he saved 60 thousands of dollars in total in his travels, that is, about 20 thousands of dollars a year, writes CNBC.

Now Chambers is 30 years old, he has a passion for traveling around 5 years ago. Through trial and error, he and his wife found ways to save time and money on almost every aspect of the trip, and now travel almost monthly, they have already visited Hawaii, North Carolina, Switzerland, New Zealand, France and Iceland.

“On average, we spend $ 1000 on a trip and found ourselves spending 60% less than our friends or colleagues,” Chambers said.

In order to save, the family follows certain rules.

“We absolutely never fly anywhere if the ticket price exceeds $ 450 per person round trip, and we never stay in hotels during the high seasons. I'm a big fan of the exchange economy and have rented us a lot on Airbnb, ”Chambers explained.

He also cited six basic rules that should be used by all who wish to save travelers:

1. Instead of a mini-bar in the hotel or the nearest grocery store, buy everything online

Amazon Pantry or Instacart can deliver food to the hotel, bottled water and carbonated drinks. Chambers advises to make an order before you move out, in which case your order will be in your new home before you get there. At any hotel in the world, the reception will accept your order and transfer it to you upon arrival. Amazon Pantry is available in the US and in France.

On a recent trip to Paris, the Chambers family saved 300 dollars by ordering supplies through Amazon Pantry France.

2. Pay attention to the timeshare

Timeshare is a property that vacationers can buy for a predetermined period of time annually and use it for holidays, including rental.

On Craigslist and Facebook, the owners of these houses rent them out for the period when the house is owned by them - such rent is much cheaper than a hotel.

Red week Is a popular timeshare community where owners advertise their timeshare rentals.

3. Rent cars from people through special applications.

You can rent other people's cars for holidays using the Getaround and Turo apps, and this will save you money.

"On Turo The Dodge Challenger Hellcat goes for $ 130 a day. You can easily spend $ 350 a day for a similar base model sports car on Hertz Luxury. In addition, the buyer is already covered by the $ 1 million Turo insurance policy, so you do not need to pay insurance, ”explained Chambers.

4. Ask for a discount when using Airbnb or VRBO services

According to Chambers, every time he writes to the owner on Airbnb, he sends him a request for discounts, and he is usually not refused, reducing the price by 10-20%.

5. When booking air tickets, use the “hidden city” approach.

Since airline booking algorithms are based on supply and demand, and the demand for short flights is often higher than the demand for longer flights, this means that long-distance flights may be cheaper than short ones. Therefore, sometimes it makes sense to book a long flight with a transfer, but go out in the middle of the way. This approach is called a “hidden city”.

According to Chambers, it helps him save thousands of dollars.

To find the route, he uses Skiplagged, an application that can be downloaded for free. Skiplagged shows flights on other search engines, including “hidden city” flights, and provides users with many options to search for a suitable flight.

But be careful, the airlines are not too fond of such antics from passengers, although this is completely legal. Moreover, if you do not fly to the final destination, you will not be able to hand the bag in the luggage, which also creates certain inconveniences.

6. Use buses

The German firm FlixBus is a low-cost bus travel company with 250 daily flights to approximately 000 destinations in 1700 European countries and has entered the US market since May 27th.

“Traveling with FlixBus takes a little longer, but costs around $ 30 compared to a $ 150 train ticket. You can even take it for the night so you can sleep, saving time and money at the hotel, ”explained

Ticket prices for FlixBus flights to the United States start from one-way 2,99 dollars. While the company offers routes in California, Arizona and Nevada.

Also in the US there is a carrier MegaBus, prices for flights that start from 10 dollars.

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