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How to decorate a Christmas tree in an election year: creative decor with images of Trump and Biden

The year of the presidential election is drawing to a close. While the official results have yet to be announced, everyone has long since decided on their political preferences. You can support the election theme and your favorite candidate in the outgoing 2020 with creative decorations for the Christmas tree. Add some inspiration and imagination and you have a real themed masterpiece.

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What are American online stores offering supporters of Donald Trump and Joe Biden?

Trump head pendant

Photo: screenshot Etsy

MAGA cap pendant

Photo: screenshot Amazon

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Christmas toy with a portrait of Trump

Photo: screenshot Amazon

Pendant with a portrait of Trump wearing a MAGA cap

Photo: screenshot Amazon

Pendant with a portrait of Biden wearing a Santa hat

Photo: screenshot Amazon

Christmas tree toy with the inscription Biden Harris

Photo: screenshot Etsy

Electoral ticket pendant

Photo: screenshot Etsy

Snowflake pendant with Biden and Harris

Photo: screenshot Amazon

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Pendant-star "Biden - 46 US President"

Photo: screenshot Amazon

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