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How Trump and Putin will survive the end of the world and who will be saved first

In the event of a nuclear war, Donald Trump is evacuated on an Air Force One aircraft (Air Force One) to one of four “Nightwatch” aircraft that are in constant readiness — airplanes specially designed so that the US President can safely control their troops. Russian President Putin also has a fleet of specially equipped “Doomsday planes”.

Photo: Mikhail Mettsel / TASS

Many have seen photos of President George W. Bush, when he 11 of September 2001, received a message that the US had been attacked. He was in a class at a school in Sarasota, Florida, when a staff member whispered news about what had happened to him. After that, Bush sat with a worried look for a few more minutes in front of the children, and then left with the whole staff.

After that, the headquarters of the president acted even faster. Edition Political describes how the president was taken to the airport, where he was waiting for one of two specialized Boeing-747 (Boeing 747), which is called "Air Force Board number one." Through the activation of a secret function, which is used in exceptional cases, the plane rose at an angle that seems "impossibly steep." The purpose of this technique is to minimize vulnerability to various types of attacks, for example, to launched missiles.

The presidential plane shrouded in myths has appeared countless times in pop culture, where a white-blue aircraft is presented as a place where the US president is being delivered so that he can rule his country from the air in crisis situations. But films and books paint a somewhat distorted picture of reality. In fact, the president does not always fly on these two planes, known as the “Air Force Number One”.

In the event of a more significant crisis, for example, nuclear war, the president will instead be sent to one of the specially equipped Boeing 747-200, which first flew into the air in the 1970's. These planes pass under the name "NightWatch" (Nightwatch, Night Watch), but officially the model is designated as E-4B. The purpose of its creation was the desire to secure the president so that he could retaliate in the event of a potential attack on the United States.

Airplane Boeing E-4. Photo:

Sometimes these planes are also referred to by their function: the popular name is “Doomsday planes” (doomsday plane). Only the United States and Russia have aircraft of this type.

Following the presidency of Ronald Reagan at the end of the Cold War, the Pentagon’s huge contributions to various work to prevent a nuclear attack were reduced, according to security expert Loren Thompson (Loren thompson) in the publication Forbes. Instead, threats of revenge were used as a way to prevent attacks on the state. The logic is familiar to us from the current conflict between North Korea and the United States.

“Let's plunge the continent of the USA into ashes and darkness. We will release our hatred by mobilizing all the tools of revenge that we have prepared for the moment, ”said the North Korean threat to the United States in September 2017.

The reaction of Donald Trump followed instantly: "They will be met with fire and rage, which the world has never seen before."

It is in this context that the E-4B model's 4 aircraft take to the stage. The so-called “Doomsday planes” are designed to become a flying headquarters in which the country's top leadership could survive and continue to rule the country. “Reliable armed forces require more than bombers and missiles to cope with the attack. They need command centers and communication lines to initiate, support and complete a retaliation operation under such circumstances, ”says Lauren Thompson.

"Night patrol" their crew calls "Board number one, when it matters" ("Air Force One When It Counts"). They are usually located at Offut Air Force Base in Nebraska, in the center of the United States. There, the aircraft will have a maximum time to take off in case of an attack on the country. During the Cold War, one such E-4B stood constantly at the ready at the Andrews air base not far from Washington in order to deliver the president to a safe place in just 15 minutes, according to the newspaper New York Post. But so far at least one E-4B Offut-based aircraft around the clock is in constant readiness and running engines to quickly adopt the US President if necessary.

The debate about the new "Air Force Board number one" was very hot. The reason for this was the enormous expenditure required to equip the alleged Boeing-747-8 aircraft according to the president’s needs: as in the White House, ”according to the US Air Force.

And the price tag is appropriate: last winter, Donald Trump tweeted that the expected 4 cost of a billion dollars for an 2 plane was too much compared to the usual 357 cost of a million dollars. “Cancel the purchase!” He wrote.

However, Mark Kansian (Mark Cancian), who was previously responsible for overseeing the White House procurement, told the publication Wired, that the 4 billion dollar figure looks “reasonable.”

“Given the extra special features they use to equip the plane, two pieces are quite reasonable,” he says.

“Doomsday planes” that stand and wait at Offut, newspaper New York Times describes as “flying high-tech bunkers”, which are usually used by the US Secretary of Defense, but in the event of a nuclear war will play a more significant role. At the same time, many details regarding the "Night Watch" are secret. Daniel Terdiman from CNET's computer technology website received permission to visit one of the planes in 2013 and found that there was no comfort or luxury. On the contrary, the interior is minimalist and functional.

The equipment takes into account all sorts of situations and is designed to enable the US government to escape on an airplane in the early days of a nuclear war. In order to provide the opportunity to be constantly in the air during the first critical period of an extraordinary crisis, the aircraft was equipped to refuel in the air, which means that it can be in the air for tens of days in a row.

Instead of cutting-edge screens and other equipment that present passenger aircraft have, the E-4B aircraft most of the devices are analog, insensitive to electromagnetic pulses that occur during a nuclear explosion, damaging many types of electronics.

In addition, the E-4B aircraft are equipped with sophisticated communications equipment that will allow the president to fly the country from the air even when the infrastructure is completely destroyed. White planes with a thin blue stripe along the hull are also easily recognizable by the characteristic bulge at the top: there is equipment that allows you to keep in touch with everyone, from ships, submarines and other aircraft to communication stations on the ground. On the plane there are special communication substations for about 100 people.

Among the most interesting features of the aircraft is the ability to extend the antenna almost 8 kilometers in length, which flies behind the aircraft, making it possible to establish contact with submarines when all other means of communication are disabled.

The most interesting thing is not the goal of the “Doomsday planes”, which is rarely mentioned in official contexts, and not the secrecy around their exact destination, Politico writes. In fact, it is interesting how they are constantly used together with other smaller aircraft.

Almost every time when the president goes somewhere on a state visit, in parallel with the events on which the attention of the media is focused, another activity unfolds. Behind the scenes, one of the Night Watches follows the presidential route, without landing at the same airports as the Air Force Number One. Often, according to the same strategy, smaller airplanes are also used: they are placed near the place where the Air Force Number One landed. But the details of all these aircraft, among which are the Gulf Stream type aircraft (Gulfstream), known under the designation C-20C, for the most part unknown.

“Our position is as follows: we have no aircraft that would be called C-20C,” commented the Air Force officer on this information.

Along with the United States, Russia has a similar set of its own aircraft, ready to lift the country's leadership into the air in the event of a nuclear war.

At least from the middle of the 80, the country had (then still under the Soviet flag and led by the circumstances of the Cold War) airplanes designed to allow the leader of the country to retaliate from the air if the country is attacked.

These planes are also often referred to as “Doomsday planes”.

In recent years, it seems, the readiness in Russia has increased. Several different types of aircraft have appeared that will give Russian President Vladimir Putin and the rest of the leadership the opportunity to survive the early days of a nuclear war, as described in the media. From 2009 to 2012, Russia acquired three specially equipped Tupolev Tu-214CP aircraft: their stated goal was to give the president the opportunity to run the country from the air, as reported Euronews.

Aircraft Technical Base (ATB) Domodedovo. Photo: RIA News

The twin-engine aircraft has a length of 46 meters, which means that it is much smaller than its American counterparts, which are approximately 70 meters from nose to tail. According to the loyal government SputnikThese planes are equipped with the best communication systems and other equipment.

Under Putin, Russia acquired other planes of a similar purpose. In December, 2015, many media reported that Russia had acquired a new type of “Doomsday plane”, created on the basis of passenger IL-80. Alexander Komyakov, the head of the enterprise responsible for the production, then called the plane "invincible."

“While structures with a known ground position can be destroyed, it is difficult to target an air command post as it is constantly moving. Americans call this type of aircraft “Doomsday planes,” he told government-loyal RT.

Prior to that, Russia had the first generation 4 IL-80, and after some time, in the 2016 year, the third generation X-NUMX of the “Doomsday Plane” was also introduced. According to information Sputnik, They were created on the basis of 60-meter aircraft Ilushin Il-96. Military analyst Igor Korotchenko said that the capabilities of the aircraft will strike back if the worst scenario comes true.

IL-80 aircraft. Photo: ress-service of JSC "United Instrument-Making Corporation"

“It ensures the inevitability of nuclear retribution if a country uses its nuclear weapons against Russia. This air command center really guarantees that no attack against our country will go unpunished. ”

It is not known exactly how many “Doomsday planes” are in Russia, but it is clear that their appointment is similar to the American one. When the fact that many people associate with the apocalypse breaks out, they will defend in the first place two people on earth in all possible ways: the US President and the Russian President.

Translation of article Så ska Donald Trump och Vladimir Putin överleva apokalypsen”Editions Dagens Nyheter (Sweden) prepared Inosmi.

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