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How Trump will fight illegal immigrants in the USA. Action plan

Trump convinced the crowd that Mexico would have to isolate itself from the United States at its own expense. Photo:

Trump convinced the crowd that Mexico would have to isolate itself from the United States at its own expense. Photo:

Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump has promised to end the “circulation of illegal immigration.”

Speaking with a keynote speech in front of a crowd of thousands in Phoenix, the capital of Arizona, Trump outlined his election plan to combat illegal immigrants in the United States.

In particular, Trump said that if he wins the elections in November, there will be no more amnesty for illegal migrants.

Donald Trump offers:

  • Create a "special deportation unit", which will deal with the expulsion from the country of arrested for crimes but not yet convicted immigrants.
  • Cut off illegal immigrants all ways to obtain citizenship. Those who wish to remain in the United States on legal grounds must first return to their homeland.
  • Introduce "meticulous security checks for immigrants" to ensure that they share American values.
  • Protect the interests of African American and Hispanic workers - US citizens - by limiting immigration quotas.
  • Apply tough measures against people with expired visas and subject them to deportation.

In his speech in Arizona, Trump listed the names of people who, according to him, were the victims of illegal migrants. According to him, the killers had a long list of previous violations of the law, but none of them were expelled from the country.

During the performance, the relatives of the murdered men appeared on the stage.

In his speech, Donald Trump expressed confidence that Mexico “by 100%” would pay for the construction of a wall on the border of the two countries.

Trump has repeatedly stated that the Mexican authorities should pay for construction - otherwise he proposes to prohibit Mexicans working in the United States from transferring money to their homeland.

A few hours earlier, he had a meeting in Mexico City with the President of Mexico, Enrique Peña Nieto.

“We discussed the wall, we did not discuss the issue of paying for it - that will come later. It was a preliminary meeting, and it was a wonderful meeting,” Donald Trump said at a joint press conference.

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