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How to become a resident of Alaska: step by step instructions

Alaskans receive discounts on licenses to some of the best trades in the United States - fishing and hunting, and, moreover, the Alaska government distributes dividends of the Permanent Foundation (DFT) to each legal resident every year.

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To qualify as a resident, you need to intend to make Alaska your permanent place of residence. Since it is difficult to show intentions, establishing and maintaining "close ties" with the state will be taken into account. WikiHow

Obtaining residency

To become a resident, you need to be physically present in the state, and you must have the intention to stay in Alaska for an indefinite period.

Physical presence alone is not a sufficient condition for obtaining residency. In addition, you must take additional measures confirming your intention to make Alaska your permanent residence. This second stage includes:

  • the signing of a contract for the transport of household goods to Alaska; (The contract of carriage paid by the employer is not considered);
  • employment in Alaska, confirmed by relevant records;
  • the ownership of residential real estate in Alaska, confirmed by a purchase agreement or a rental receipt. (Housing provided and paid for by the employer is not considered);
  • register with the Alaska voter registry;
  • vehicle registration in Alaska.

Perform the second step earlier.

If you want to qualify for dividends (DFT), you must take the steps of the second stage before 1 in January of the year from which you plan to start receiving dividends.

  • You can register with the voter register by contacting the Alaska Voting Department. If you are registering in Alaska, you need to provide a driver's license, birth certificate, or other identification documents, such as a passport. If you are registering out of state, you will need proof of residency, such as proof of employment in Alaska.
  • To obtain an identity card, you need to submit the following documents to the Department of Motor Vehicles: confirmation of the officially registered full name and date of birth (for example, birth certificate); a secondary document certifying the first one (for example, from the tax service or a state tax payment form); proof of your main place of residence (for example, utility bill or rental documents); social Security number; Name change documents (if required).
  • In Alaska, all residents need to get an identity card, even if they have a driver's license. The cost of obtaining a certificate $ 15.

Apply for residency in Alaska if you are in military service

Soldiers must officially apply for a place of residence in Alaska with military forces, and the documents must be completed by December 31 of the year after which you are going to become a resident.

  • For example, if you want to apply for residency in the 2020 year, then the documents should have been filed before the 31 December 2019 year.
  • Soldiers must also go through the second qualifying round before 1 July of the same year. The same steps apply to military personnel as they do to the general population: registering a vehicle, registering for voting, obtaining a driver's license, and purchasing or renting housing in Alaska.
  • The spouse of the serviceman must pass the second qualifying round by 1 in January of that year.

Save proof of your plans to stay in Alaska indefinitely

You may need proof of residency, especially if you intend to claim the dividends of the Permanent Fund, which distributes profits from the oil trade among Alaskans.

  • Keep multiple copies of documents in a safe place. The safe is a great place to keep records;
  • If you lose your driver’s license, restore them immediately;

Break ties with previous place of residence

To be a resident of Alaska, you cannot maintain close ties with another state. Accordingly, you should not:

  • Register for a vote in another state even as part of the registration rush;
  • Retain a driving license from another state;
  • Pay income taxes as a resident of another state.

Use your Alaska place of residence as a permanent address.

You can keep a second home in another state, but in no case do not use this address in any official government documents, for example, in a tax return.

Saving of residence

Do not take any "contradictory" to the preservation of perpetual residence in Alaska

Contradicting in this case will be actions to establish relations with a state other than Alaska.

  • If you have registered a vehicle or have registered for voting in another state, then by this you let know that you do not consider Alaska as your permanent place of residence.

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Follow the rules for permitted absence.

All residents are allowed to stay 180 days for any reason. Students and military personnel may be physically out of state for extended periods of time. The laws of Alaska allow you to save residency, provided that you comply with the rules of acceptable absence.

  • Register your absence. You must report leaving the state for more than 90 days. A failure to report is considered a violation;
  • Military personnel are exempted for several days over 180 if they or their spouse are in active military service;
  • Students can qualify for 120 days in addition to the period during which they are expected to study with good academic performance. The student must study full-time. Some exceptions exist if you are studying for the last year; you can take the 1 semester, other than the main semester, provided that you are on your way to higher education;
  • Students and military personnel must spend at least 72 hours in a row in Alaska every 2 of the year. You must have proof of your presence, such as boarding passes with your name on them or sales receipts indicating that you made purchases in Alaska during the 72 hour period.

Seek advice

If you have any questions regarding the preservation of residence, contact the information bureau on dividends.

Live in Alaska for at least 1 of the year

  • You must live in Alaska for 12 months before you can be considered a legal resident in order to receive dividends from the Permanent Fund.

Applying for a Permanent Fund Dividend

Visit website

You can apply for a fund dividend at the appropriate website. The online application is available from January 1.

  • Each resident must complete an application.

Get the print version

If you prefer to fill out a printed application, you can get a copy at any of the distribution points throughout the state.

Submit your application

The deadline for submission is March 31. Be sure to take confirmation of acceptance of the application.

  • If you have applied online, print a page with the message "Congratulations!". It will contain the confirmation number of the Permanent Dividend Fund.
  • If you sent by mail, it will be enough to notify you of receipt or receipt of mail.
  • If you personally brought the application, be sure to ask for a receipt.

Sign the application

Even if you are applying electronically, you still have to sign the document. There is a 2 way: either print the page or put an electronic signature.

  • To print the signature page, click on the “Print signature” tab on the PFD website. The link is on the right;
  • Enter the details of the applicant and click "Search." Then select “Required Document” and “Document Center”;
  • After you have selected the signature page from the “Required Documents”, print it. Send the signed page to: Alaska Department of Revenue, Permanent Fund Dividend Division, PO Box 110462, Juneau, AK 99811-042. It may also be faxed to 907-465-3470;
  • In addition, you can sign the application in electronic form. For this you need to create account;
  • The myAlaska account is available only to adults who have previously received dividends from the Permanent Fund;
  • Step-by-step instructions for electronic signature available here.

Useful Tips

  • As soon as you move to Alaska, get your driver's license and register in the voter register. You can register to vote at the Department of Motor Vehicles until you get a driver’s license. The day you came to Alaska and became its resident is used to determine residency for the purpose of obtaining a fishing and hunting license, so after 12 months have passed since you were able to provide the first proof of residence, you can apply for a hunting and fishing license;
  • In order to receive dividends from the Permanent Fund, you must become an Alaskan resident before 1 in January of the first year from which you plan to claim dividends. The application for accession to the Permanent Foundation is available online and in many institutions across the state. To be eligible for the DFT each year, the application must be submitted before March 31.

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