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How to change your status in the US on immigration

The American Immigration and Citizenship Act (INA) allows citizens who are in the United States on a tourist, work, or other visa to change their status to immigration. To do this, visitors must meet all the requirements for receiving a green card for permanent residence in the US in one of the possible categories.

Replacing the status, which is officially called the adjustment of status, does not require the applicant to return to his country. However, it is also possible to obtain immigration status through a US consulate in another country (consular processing), if a citizen does not have the opportunity to enter America or is here, but does not have the legal possibility to change his status in the United States.

Steps to take to replace your status (Adjustment of Status):

1. Identify your grounds for immigration (family reunification, political asylum or some of the other options - more on this told ForumDaily);

2. Submit an immigration petition (each category has its own form to fill out: family reunification - I-130, for work - I-140, for organizing your own business - I-526, and so on);

3. Check the relevance of your visa (Before filling out the I-485 form, which is required to change migration status or obtain a residence permit, you must check validity period your visa);

4. Complete the I-485 form (read carefully the rules for filling out the form I-485and prepare all the necessary documents from the list for your category to avoid delays when reviewing your application or refusal);

5. Fingerprints (you will be called upon to undergo this procedure, as well as lkz photographing and obtaining the original of your signature to the appropriate center, which will be necessary to issue you a work permit in the USA);

6. Interview (if you need an interview, you will also be notified about the date of your visit to the US Migration Service, USCIS office, to answer questions or confirm your request, you must have with you all the originals of previously submitted documents);

7. Receive reply by mail (after the application has been submitted and all the procedures have been completed, it remains for you to wait for notification from the US authorities by mail indicating the date of granting you official status and, if your residence address has changed, report about it).

You can check your status online. In addition, you can always ask questions by calling USCIS support: 1-800-375-5283. You will need to give your notification number, as well as your name, date of birth and registration number.

In the event that you are denied your request for a status change, you will be able to challenge this decision. However, not any solution implies appeal. Usually, 30 days are reserved for filing an appeal. For this you need to fill Form I-290B.

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