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How the Skyeng School helps you get a job in the USA

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Are you looking for a job in America for the first time while applying for a position related to communicating with people? You should contact the services of the school of English Skyeng, even if the knowledge of the language you do not doubt. Today I will explain to you why.

I remind that ForumDaily and online English school Skyeng during two months carried out joint experimentduring which I completed a series of classes in this school. The purpose of the experiment was to find out whether online training can help me prepare for the work of a journalist in the American media. Every week I shared with you my impressions and language courses on learning how to live, and today it is time to evaluate the result.

After 8 weeks of classes, I began to write in English quickly and competently, I understood the sequence in which to arrange the words in the sentence, so that it sounded American, and I learned the subtleties of American grammar. Of course, I can’t say that I’m writing better than native speakers, but now I’m confident enough in my abilities to look for an intern’s job in a large edition or a copywriter.

Impressions of the 8 week

This week I sent an internship application to a well-known American publication. The texts that I wrote all the time I studied in Skyeng for my English-language blog, as I was able to attach them to the application as examples of work. The selection results will be known only in a few months, so for now I decided to look for work in other places. In particular, my choice fell on an IT company that was looking for a copywriter. I sent a resume and a cover letter there, and soon they told me that they were interested in my candidacy and gave me a test task. I completed it, they liked it, and now I am preparing for an interview.

Of course, my teacher Will helped me, and various tools school Skyeng. Below I will tell about it in more detail.

So, here are 3 services from Skyeng online school to help you get a job.

1. Private lessons with a tutor

The most obvious plus of lessons with a teacher is the opportunity to rehearse the interview in order to worry less when meeting with a potential employer. However, this is not all that a tutor can do for you.

For example, when I was just starting to look for work, Will gave me many links to various websites with examples of motivational letters, recommendations and other documents necessary for employment. In addition, Will explained to me the meaning of incomprehensible words and phrases from vacancy announcements, and because of this it was easier for me to compose resumes and cover letters for specific companies.

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At the next stage, he helped me check the written summaries, motivation letter and test task for clarity for the American reader and for compliance with the standards of business style, including in the design of documents. He also advised that what needs to be changed to make the employer interested in my candidacy. Will explained which parts of my motivation letter are the strongest and where to put them better (the strongest argument is at the end, the second most important is at the beginning), and which of my Russian achievements can not be mentioned, since it does not matter when I apply for a job in an American company .

2. Video Platform Lessons

On the interactive school platform Skyeng There is a whole series of lessons on the employment process - from filling out a resume to answering tricky questions at an interview. After a cycle of such lessons, you will be able to confidently tell about yourself, your experience and skills, and discuss with your personnel specialist future duties, work schedule, salary and benefits package.

At one of the lessons on the interview, an employer-candidate dialogue is given, and then an extended version of it, and the student must choose in which cases it is more appropriate to use a short answer, and when a longer one. It must be admitted that Russian thinking has failed me more than once in this regard.

For example, it seemed to me that if a potential employer complains about terrible weather at an interview, you just have to agree with him and quickly move on to the main topic of the meeting. However, Will explained to me that in the USA it is customary to make a positive note in everything, and in this regard a long answer is preferable, they say, yes, the weather is bad, but the sun promises on weekends. In addition, this little conversation helps to establish contact.

The issue of drinks was also controversial. It turns out that if you are offered tea or coffee at the interview, you need to thank and refuse. It is appropriate to agree only in very cold weather, when you realize that only a hot drink will help you to warm your throat and speak confidently.

By the way, there is a collection of lessons for various specialties on the platform, for example, marketing or information technology. These lessons will help you learn English professional terms and get a general impression of the work of companies in this industry.

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3. Skyeng browser extension

This is a very useful thing, significantly accelerating the process of finding the right vacancies. Reading job postings, you can click on unfamiliar words, watch their translation and add them to the dictionary, and then train using the application Sword. These words will probably come in handy later when creating a resume and a cover letter, as well as when communicating with the personnel manager.

In a word, my advice to you is: look for a job you like with payment that suits you, and online school Skyeng will help you to prepare for the interview and show yourself in the best light.

If you decide that it is time to tighten up English, sign up for free introductory lesson.

Additional motivation to start right now. To readers ForumDaily - FORUMDAILY promo code for two additional free lessons on the first paid training cycle.

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