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How to save in New York on transport and entertainment

New York has a reputation as an expensive vacation spot - and rightly so. The average price per night in New York hotels is $ 254 - there is no more expensive in America. If your budget is limited, a visit to this city may seem like a pipe dream. In fact, properly planning a trip, you can see New York in all its glory, without spending all your savings on it.

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Except for the high cost of hotels, New York is a surprisingly attractive destination for budget travelers, notes USA Today. We'll tell you how to save money on a trip: where to dine cheaply, how to get discounts on Broadway shows, save extra dollars on public transport and find the best free attractions and activities of the city. Many of these tips will be useful not only for tourists, but also for residents of the city.

Getting to plan a trip

1. Take a card. Group sights located close to each other. This way you can visit one district of the city every day (for example, the Statue of Liberty and Wall Street on the first day, Central Park and Times Square - on the second). This will maximize your time and save money on trips to the subway and taxis.

2. Expand the route. Spend at least part of your trip exploring residential areas - for example, Nokho, Tribeca, Greenwich Village. Avoid the traditional tourist traps: you can see the real New York and pay less for everything that usually costs at an exorbitant price at popular points.


How to save on sightseeing

3. Buy a tourist pass. If you plan to visit many popular attractions, a pass will help save money. The New York Pass gives access to dozens of attractions for a certain number of days at a fixed price. Is there some more Citypasswhich includes visits to three or six museums and attractions, including the Museum of Art and the Empire State Building — you have nine days for all of this. Such passes do not only save your money, but also allow you not to stand in lines.

4. Look for preferential entry. Explore the sites of museums that you plan to visit, and find out if they offer free or preferential entry on certain days. For example, the Museum of Modern Art (MOMA) misses those who wish for free every Friday from 16: 00 to 20: 00. Some museums offer coupons or discounts on their sites - do not be lazy to look before you go there.

5. Visit free places. Some attractions are always free - for example, Central Park, where street performers and musicians almost always perform, and High Line, a public park recently created from the old railway line. The non-profit organization The Downtown Boathouse offers free kayaking.

6. Stock up on coupons. To find out about food discounts, shopping, spas and attractions, use discount sites such as Groupon and LivingSocial. Anyone who is going to New York, can buy a lot of great deals in advance.

7. Take the ferry. Skip the tourist (and expensive) cruises along the harbor and take the Staten Island ferry to enjoy the fantastic view of the harbor of New York - it's free!

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How inexpensive to watch the show and have fun

8. Find low-cost events. Take the opportunity to attend numerous free or low-cost concerts, readings, art exhibitions and other events that take place throughout the city on any given day. The only problem is to find them. To get started, go to the "Free in nyc»Official tourist forum of New York.

9. Save on Broadway tickets. Popular TKTS kiosks are great places to look for Broadway tickets at a discount, but this is not the only option. On discount sites such as, often even more attractive offers appear.

10. Refer to the source. Theaters often sell the remaining tickets (for just 25 dollars!) A couple of hours before the show. Search costs directly at the box office. However, sometimes it is only standing places, or places can be scattered around the hall, which is not always good if you come in a group. Some theaters offer discounts for seniors or students with an ID card.

11. Subscribe to the newsletter. Theatergoers who regularly visit New York or are planning a long trip should consider membership Audience Extras. For an annual fee, you get access to tickets for local shows and concerts, which have empty seats - at the last minute you will get the best ticket. These tickets are free, with the exception of a small service charge. Membership pays off after several shows.

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How to pay less for travel

12. Buy a travel card in the subway. If you are planning a long trip to New York, it is often more profitable to buy travel cards for unlimited trips for a week or longer (depending on how long you will be in the city). This is an especially good option if you don’t know exactly where to go - if you missed and had to return, you can write off additional funds from a regular card.

13. Get behind the wheel. If you are traveling to a city with a group of people, it may be cheaper to take a car. Let's say you pay 40 dollars for parking, 15 dollars for travel and 10 dollars for petrol - this may be less than 30 dollars for train tickets to the city. But be sure to compare this option with the convenience of travel by train.

14. Plan your parking. If you decide to go to the city by car, print out coupons or parking tickets in advance, which will allow you to park all day at a fixed rate, rather than pay huge hourly fees. Not a bad option - Icon parkingknown throughout the city. On its website you can enter dates and times of arrival and departure. Keep a buffer for a couple of hours in each direction (in case you arrive early or leave late) and select a place in the garage using the map. The service will provide you with a printed confirmation, which guarantees a fixed rate for this period of time. You can pay in advance online or get a coupon on the site.

15. Walk on foot. There are a lot of walking routes in Manhattan. Walking on foot, you will see much more than using public transport or taxi. Plus - it's free.

16. Get on the bike. Cycling is a fun and inexpensive way to get around the city: just put on a helmet and stick to bike lanes for safety. There are several great cycling routes around Manhattan, especially along the Hudson and East River. New York has a program Citi bike: for a small fee you can rent a bike for a period from 30 minutes to three days.

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Where is the most advantageous to eat

17. Follow the youth. If upscale lounges and trendy restaurants are not to your liking, go beyond the tourist area of ​​Times Square and have dinner where students eat. Neighborhood with colleges and universities (such as the East Village near New York University) often means unique local dishes at fantastic prices.

18. Come out to the streets. In a city known for its street food, you can skip everything while eating in restaurants. From familiar hot dog carts to trucks with all kinds of ethnic dishes that you can imagine - a unique opportunity to travel around the world without leaving New York. And you are unlikely to pay more than a few dollars at a time. Site called New York Street Food offers some better options for such nutrition.

19. Explore ethnic neighborhoods. Areas such as Chinatown, Little Italy and Little India offer an excellent selection of authentic dishes at affordable prices. In the local restaurants there are a lot more locals than tourists, which allows you to really touch a particular cuisine or culture, paying very modest money.

20. Don't worry, be happy. To save money at the bar, come back early and enjoy bargain prices and fewer people.

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Where to stay if your budget is limited

21. Stay outside of Manhattan. Thanks to the integrated public transport system, there is no need to pay huge money for a hotel in Midtown if you can stay in a different area or in New Jersey and get anywhere by train. Even after taking into account the cost of additional transportation, the savings can be significant.

22. Consider alternatives. There are many other options besides hotels: rental apartments, house swapping, couchsurfing, hostels, many of which offer private rooms in addition to shared ones. (Please note that rentals through Airbnb and similar sites are not always legal in New York)

23. Share the bathroom. If you want to donate a little comfort for a better location, consider choosing a hotel or hostel with a shared bathroom - often this is one of the best ways to find a truly budget option in the most popular areas of Manhattan.

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Limited budget shopping

24. Go to flea markets. On Saturday or Sunday, go to the city flea markets - and bargain! Here you can always find something unique. pay attention to Greenflea in Manhattan or Brooklyn flea.

25. Shopping in the right place. If you are looking for great deals on handbags or jewelry, go to Canal Street and look for basement stores with the best prices.

Miscellaneous New York travel in the USA how to save money

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