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How to save on groceries: 6 apps that sell surplus food for cheap at restaurants, bakeries and other businesses

According to, 40% of food in the US is wasted, and many of it is edible. This is a huge amount of waste. There are leftover apps to help you save on groceries and save the planet. Happy Sprout.

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The data is even more depressing when hundreds of thousands of Americans are struggling to make ends meet to feed their families. With the help of these applications, you can start saving on groceries and change the world for the better right now.

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Food For All

Most of the food thrown away in the US is food thrown away by restaurants. Food For All is an app that takes that food and puts it to good use. Users can order food that the restaurant didn't sell and buy it at a discounted price. Not only will you get delicious food, but you will also minimize your restaurant's food waste.

Flash Food

When products expire, many stores throw them away. FROM Flash Food You can save a lot on meat and other foods by purchasing them near the end of their expiration date. These products can sometimes be sold at up to 50% off - it's more profitable for stores to sell them today at half price than to throw them away tomorrow. This way you save money and reduce waste.

Your Local

This app connects you to local restaurants and shops to purchase surplus groceries at up to 70% off. Your Local allows you to select groceries, pay for them in the app, and then pick up food at a specific time. This app is currently only available in a few US cities.

Too Good To Go

Too Good To Go is an application with an extensive list of restaurants, cafes, bakeries and grocery stores that are willing to give away surplus with discounts. The app offers shoppers surprise bags of food – “magic bags”. Thanks to this idea, you not only enjoy the food, but also feel the positive emotions of the surprise.

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Food Rescue US

This is application links businesses with regular food surpluses to organizations that distribute food to those in need.


It's "Tinder for Food Waste". Oil connects people living nearby so they can share the food they intend to throw away. If you've bought too much or changed your mind, you can simply take a photo of the products you don't want, upload the photo to the app, and see if anyone around you would like to buy those products.

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