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How to make a Hollywood smile in the USA

A smile is a visiting card of a resident of the United States, because in America it is customary to smile even at strangers. And a serious grimace not only betrays you as an immigrant from the post-Soviet space, but also makes any person less attractive. Agree, not so many poets dedicated songs and poems to gloomy people, but they sang a charming smile at all times. Now this cult is popularized by Hollywood stars who constantly smile at the cameras, and not a simple one, but a Hollywood smile - with snow-white, even, ideally beautiful teeth. The specialists of the famous New York clinic told ForumDaily how to create such a smile. Bright white dental.

If you really want to share positive things with people through a beautiful smile, then it's time to take advantage of the modern possibilities of dentistry that can solve almost any problem of the oral cavity and provide a Hollywood smile even to those who considered their case hopeless.

Professional dentists Solomon Rafailov и Radmila Shuminov from the famous New York clinic Bright white dental, who have been helping their customers to acquire an American smile for years, have shared secrets that will help everyone have a smile like a star.

1. Teeth Whitening

If you have beautiful even teeth and for a Hollywood smile you lack only their dazzling whiteness, then whitening can be an excellent solution to the situation.

This is a chemical process of cleaning teeth by applying a special gel on enamel, the basis of which is hydrogen peroxide or carbamide peroxide. Both substances act in the same way: getting on the teeth and reacting with the air, they begin to actively produce oxygen, which eliminates visible deposit on the enamel surface and also penetrates into its deep layers, which makes it possible to get rid of pigmentation, which is deeply ingrained in the enamel and cannot be removed by professional or daily tooth brushing.

“If you want to maintain the effect of the radiant whiteness of your teeth, then the procedure will have to be repeated periodically, but the patient should make a decision about this only after consulting a doctor, because everyone has different enamel thickness and tooth structure, and therefore the frequency of cleaning and the strength of the gel should always be selected the doctor, starting from the characteristics and condition of the patient's teeth, ”explains Radmila Shuminov.

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2. Veneers

According to the definition of the American Academy of Aesthetic Dentistry (AACD), veneer is a thin porcelain plate used to recreate the natural appearance of teeth and has strength and stability comparable to natural tooth enamel.

“Veneers are a great way to create a Hollywood smile for those with less natural tooth color, wide gaps or damage to the enamel structure,” advises Solomon Rafailov, member of the American Dentist Association. “Our clinic offers free consultation and free treatment planning, so everyone can come to us and find out if they can have veneers.”

Installing veneers is a rather complex and responsible procedure that takes place in several stages. First, the dentist performs hygienic cleaning of the teeth, removes plaque and determines the correct color tone of the veneer. The doctor then removes a thin layer of tooth enamel, thus making room for the veneer. After that, a dental impression is made for the laboratory, and a temporary veneer is applied to the patient.

After the production of the permanent veneer is completed, the doctor removes the temporary veneer, cleans the tooth again, while the enamel surface is treated with acid. An adhesive layer is applied to the cleaned surface of the tooth, then dental cement, and as a result, the veneer is attached so that it exactly repeats the shape of the tooth.

Special care for veneers is not required, they need brushing and flossing, as well as ordinary teeth, in addition, doctors recommend limiting the use of coffee and other coloring beverages so as not to spoil the color of the veneer.

It should be remembered that the veneer is installed for many years, so the choice of a professional dentist in this case is extremely important, because its incorrect installation can cause inconvenience for many years, and the correct one will become the key to a charming smile and self-confidence.

3. Implants

The loss of a tooth for any reason is a serious obstacle to a Hollywood smile, but today this is a completely solvable problem. Dental technologies allow you to install high-quality implants that will perfectly perform the functions of the teeth, as well as provide the owner with a charming snow-white smile.

“Modern dentistry has gone so far ahead that now it is possible to place such an implant that no one will ever determine whether it is a real tooth or an artificial one,” emphasizes Solomon Rafailov, one of the specializations of which is just implants. - With the correct work of the doctor and proper dental care, implants take root very well. In addition, now they have become available to people with different incomes, not just Hollywood stars. "

Clinic Bright White Dental

The implantation process is reduced to installing an implant in place of a lost tooth in the form of a cylindrical helical rod simulating a dental root, and a dental crown is installed on the rod, which looks and functions like an ordinary tooth.

Caring for implants comes down to the same basic rules as caring for ordinary teeth - brushing and flossing, sometimes you may need a special toothbrush or periodic procedures with a doctor.

Although implantation in dentistry has been used for decades, this procedure is rather difficult and responsible, so it is extremely important to carefully choose a doctor in this area and to ask about his experience in performing such manipulations.

4. Braces

Neither of which Hollywood smile and speech can not be, if a person has irregular teeth. Often, their owners do not like to smile at all, trying to hide this defect. The solution in this case can be braces. Their installation will not add to the attractiveness of a smile, but when you remove them after the end of the correction period, you will be able to boast of charmingly even teeth.

Most often, this procedure is used in childhood, because during this period the alignment of the teeth is faster and more efficient, however, braces for adults can help to significantly improve the appearance of their teeth.

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Braces are fixed orthodontic structures that help to correct the bite and irregularities of the dentition. The doctor plans the alignment trajectory based on the individual needs of each individual patient. The treatment begins with a thin arc, which is later changed to a more dense one, and at the very end a steel arc is established, which should finally fix the effect.

This procedure is long and not very pleasant, but the effect will be worth the pain if you choose a professional doctor who correctly plans the alignment trajectory and installs braces in accordance with this plan.

5. Regular teeth care

No matter how effective modern methods of treatment and correction of dental imperfections are, prevention is the best (and cheapest) way to maintain the charming smile that nature has endowed you with.

You need to take care of proper nutrition with a sufficient amount of calcium, regular brushing of the teeth not only with a brush, but also with floss. Do not forget to rinse for the mouth. Drinking coffee and other beverages or products that can spoil the color of enamel should be kept to a minimum.

And of course, no one canceled the need for regular - at least once every six months - visits to the dentist, who will assess the condition of the patient's teeth and give advice on improving their care or prescribe procedures that will preserve their health and beauty.

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