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How schoolchildren in different US states will learn from the fall

The COVID-19 pandemic continues to spread across the United States. After the quarantine, the states will have to decide how and when schools will open in September. They will have to weigh the risks and benefits of returning children for face-to-face education instead of distance learning. Some states plan to resume full-time education, others want to introduce a blended form of education (online and full-time), while still others allow individual districts to independently decide in what form they open. Writes about it Go Banking Rates.

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  • School opening policy: online / counties make their own decisions

On July 17, Governor Gavin Newsom announced that counties on the coronavirus watchlist will begin the school year with online learning. So far, 33 of the state's 58 counties have been on the watch list.

For those not on the watch list, reopening decisions must be localized in accordance with California Department of Education guidelines. Schools that reopen to full-time education must adhere to a number of hygiene and safety practices, including regular hand washing, wearing face masks, and daily surface disinfection.

  • School opening policy: full-time education

On July 6, the Florida Department of Education issued an executive order that all schools be physically open at least five days a week for all students.

The department has proposed a number of strategies schools can use to combat the spread of COVD-19, including social distancing practices whenever possible and regular disinfection of surfaces. The use of face masks in schools is optional, although the regulations state that "schools should support students, teachers and staff who voluntarily wear face masks."

  • School opening policy: counties make their own decisions

The government requires students and staff to wear face masks at all open schools, no gatherings of more than 50 people are allowed, and social distancing must be maintained and temperature screened daily.

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New Jersey
  • School opening policy: hybrid model

In the 2020-2021 academic year, parents will be able to choose an online learning schedule for their children. For face-to-face studies, the New Jersey Department of Education has released a 104-page discovery plan that includes guidelines for social distancing and a mask requirement for teachers and staff.

New York
  • School opening policy: counties make their own decisions

Each school district was required to submit a plan to reopen their schools by July 31st. Plans must meet mandatory state requirements that include health checks, social distancing, and student and staff wearing masks.

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