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How is studying in the most closed school in the world Ilona Mask

Head SpaceX, billionaire Elon Musk is the father of five boys and is very responsible about what kind of education they receive.

According to TatlerAt first, he gave them to the Mirmanskaya private school for the gifted, but the quality of education and, most importantly, the approach to training did not satisfy him. After a long search for Musk in 2014, he decided to build his own school. Ad Astra (translated from Latin - "to the stars"), which quickly gained a reputation as the most closed in the world. The school is located in Southern California and very little is known about it.

How to get there

Nobody knows. The school can not send an application. Now there are five sons of Musk himself and the children of his company's employees. SpaceX - total 31 baby. Before entering each test passes on the level of intelligence.

Maximum closeness

The school Ilona Mask has no official website, phone number and pages in social networks. Teachers and parents of students sign a confidentiality agreement. Musk himself spoke about the school only once - in 2015, in an interview with the Chinese television channel BTV.

Non-class system

At school there is no division into classes - all children are trained together, according to Ilon himself, “as on a conveyor belt”. Estimates they do not put. This is believed to traumatize the psyche and develop distorted values.

The interests of the child above all

“Some like math, others like languages ​​or music. It is much more logical to base the curriculum on what is interesting for the child at the moment, rather than forcing him to go through a pre-written program, ”says Musk. He is convinced that the sons like this approach, they go to school with pleasure and always look forward to the end of the holidays.

Children are taught to solve problems, not to use tools.

Ilon explains this principle as follows: “We need to fix a broken engine. With the standard approach, they first explain what a screwdriver and wrench are and why they are needed. I believe that it is much more efficient to give the child an engine and ask him to disassemble - then he will understand why he needs tools. ”

Ethics and morality

At school, Ilona Musk pays a lot of attention to ethics and morals. Children are asked to speculate on how they would act in a particular situation. For example, this: in a small town on the lake there is a factory, which provides the majority of its inhabitants with work. But this factory pollutes the environment and spoils the water in the lake. If you close it, people will lose their jobs. If left - it will cause irreparable harm to nature.

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