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How to choose the right car insurance in America

No matter how experienced and skilled a driver you are, no one is protected from an accident on the road. You can do everything right and fall prey to poor road surfaces, extreme weather, or the carelessness of another driver. An accident is not only unpleasant, but also expensive - medical expenses, vehicle repairs, restoration of valuable things in the car, etc. To cover the costs in such cases, there is car insurance, which in most states of America is mandatory for car owners.

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There are many options for such insurance on the market, but there are practically no guarantees that at least one of them will generously cover your expenses, the company explained to us DTP Americaproviding legal assistance in the event of accidents in the United States.

But since there is no choice and you still have to buy insurance in order not to break the law, then let us, with the help of specialists, figure out how to choose the most suitable insurance option for you, so as not to overpay the premiums and not be left to the mercy in the event of an accident.

Choosing a company

Whichever company you choose, you should not hope that it will look after your financial interests. The main task and earnings of insurance companies is to get as much money from clients as possible, and pay them as little as possible. And the fact that you got into an accident and you have problems will not force the company to sacrifice its own interests for yours.

Therefore, when choosing a company, it is important to focus not on a well-known name or a beautiful advertisement, but on insurance options.

Important auto insurance options in America

1. PIP (Personal Injury Protection) - mandatory in 11 states (Florida, Michigan, New Jersey, New York, Pennsylvania, Hawaii, Kentucky, Massachusetts, Minnesota, North Dakota and Utah) car insurance option. Such insurance in the event of an accident will cover your medical bills (usually 80%) and compensate for loss in wages (usually up to 60%). The coverage applies to all victims who were in the insured car at the time of the accident. In some cases, the insurance may cover all family members of the driver. PIP coverage varies by state and can range from $ 10 to $ 000.

Please note that if you are involved in an accident, you have 14 days to see a doctor. If you come to the appointment even a day later, the insurance company will refuse to pay for medical services.

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2. BI (Bodily Injury or Liability) - this option will protect the driver if he, being the culprit of the accident, caused damage to the health of any of the participants in the accident in any of the damaged cars. You set the coverage limits yourself: the higher the limit, the higher the fees.

Specialists DTP America recommend buying BI at least 25/50 - this means that people affected by your fault can receive up to $ 25 per person from your insurance, while the total amount of payments cannot exceed $ 000. This is quite enough to protect you from legal costs and loss of personal property.

3. PD (Property Damage) - an option that allows the culprit of the accident to pay for the repair of someone else's car. The limit - from 10 thousand to one million dollars - can be chosen by the insured himself. But here again the rule applies: the larger the limit, the higher the insurance premiums.

“If you chose the minimum RO package of $ 10 and crashed someone's $ 000 car, your insurance will cover only $ 18, the remaining $ 000 you will have to pay out of your pocket. Otherwise, your rights will be taken away and you will be brought to administrative responsibility, ”explained in DTP Americastressing that on BI and PD are not worth saving. The company advises buying a PD worth at least $ 25.

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4. Collision - this option will cover repairs, or pay you in full the market value of your car at the time of the accident (minus the deductible), regardless of whether you are guilty of the accident or not. Deductible is a certain amount of money that you will have to pay out of your pocket before the insurance company starts covering the main account. The more deductible you take (from $ 250 to $ 1000), the cheaper Collision insurance will be.

“For example, you have dented your car. The insurance company estimated the cost of damage at $ 3. If you did not buy Collision, you will not be reimbursed. And if you bought Collision with a $ 000 deductible, the insurance company will send you a check for $ 500, ”explained in DTP America.

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5. Comprehensive Is insurance that protects your car in all cases not related to an accident (even when it is not moving). The insured events for it include damage from hurricanes, vandalism, hail, etc. Comprehensive cost and payout are calculated in the same way as Collision.

В DTP America recommend to approach these insurance wisely: if your car costs no more than $ 2000, there is no point in spending money on Collision and Comprehensive, for which you will pay a lot of money.

6. MedPay (Medical payments or medical expenses) - additional medical insurance. The PIP mentioned in the first paragraph covers the purchased limits - all expenses over this amount will be covered by MedPay.

7. Uninsured or Underinsured Motorist (UM) - such insurance will protect you if you are hurt by someone who has no insurance or who has insufficient insurance to cover all of your expenses. You choose your own limits for this insurance, but they cannot exceed your chosen BI plan (second point).

For more information about car insurance, as well as about actions in the event of an accident in the United States, contact the company's specialists. DTP America.

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DTP America


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