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How to use sunscreen

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We all know that in hot summer weather, while on the beach or in the open sun, you need to use sunscreen, but, unfortunately, you don’t always do it right.

Edition New York Times collected tips on the use of this drug by interviewing doctors and oncologists involved in treating skin cancer.

Basic tips

Most likely, you already know this, but repetition will never be superfluous.

Do not save on lotion and apply it in sufficient quantities. Even if the bottle indicates that it is waterproof, repeat the application after bathing. If you do not swim, apply the product every two hours, regardless of the SPF.

Apply sunscreen for 15 minutes before you start sunbathing.

Look for products with a wide range of protection - from 15 to 50 SPF.

Parts of the body that you are most likely to forget to protect

Dermatologists note that most visitors to beaches forget to grease the upper part of the ears, as well as the upper parts of the feet, which, nevertheless, are easily irradiated and quickly burn.

Men also often forget to put cream on their heads (these are bald men) and neck, while women often ignore the threat of neck and chest burns.

Doctors also advise you to apply the cream on the lower part of the foot, if you plan to lie on your stomach.

On the effectiveness of sunscreen sprays

This is a very tricky tool, whose effectiveness has not yet been proven, as well as whether it is dangerous to inhale them. Some physicians advise not to use such tools at all, while some experts say that they can be used in a closed, but well-ventilated room, without spraying onto the face. But on the beach, the liquid will quickly evaporate, and you may not receive the required level of protection.

Modern technologies to help

While relaxing on the beach, you can of course forget when you need to reapply lotion. To do this, you can use your phone - now there are a huge number of applications that will remind you of lotion every two hours or at any interval that you configure.

The best anti-aging agent

Some doctors advise applying sunscreen not only on the beach, but every day, as it protects the skin from premature wrinkles and blemishes.

In 2013, a special study was conducted that showed that people who use sunscreen every day have smoother and firmer skin than those who use these products only occasionally.

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