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Personal experience: how, without leaving Ukraine, to build a successful business in the USA

A Ukrainian has built a successful business in the United States and lives in his own country. On a personal blog for Ukrainian service "Voices of America" he told the story of his success and how he managed to overcome all difficulties.

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Next - from the first person.

My name is Alexei Dudar. For the past two years, I have successfully led the DFW Moving Company in Dallas, Texas, while living in Ukraine.

The company has a high rating on the Yelp website, where consumers share their reviews. Thousands of grateful Americans trust us. And in 2020 we plan to open the third branch in the United States.

But before getting significant results, I had to overcome many tests. However, when the eyes burn, and the dream lives in the heart, any problems are forced to clear the path to victory.

How it all began

It all started on a hunch. I visited the United States several times as a tourist. Each trip was inspired by hardworking and motivated Americans, with whom I had the opportunity to meet and learn their personal success stories.

By the way, I was pleasantly surprised by the fact that most successful and confident entrepreneurs were under the age of 30.

Unlike entrepreneurs in Ukraine, American businessmen easily and naturally share their own knowledge and skills, they are always ready to support you and give advice. Thanks to just such people, I had a dream to open my own company in the USA. A dream that over time has become a clearly defined goal.

Here and now or never

My brother lives with his family in Dallas, Texas. When I visited him, I began to notice how rapidly the city was developing. Many companies from California open their representative offices there. The US Bureau of Statistics predicts a sharp increase in the number of jobs. I saw possible prospects and realized: either here and now, or never. And the first task on the path to starting your own business was learning the language.

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Without wasting time, I came to the nearest college and enrolled in intensive English courses. He attended morning and evening classes at the same time, and in addition - also free ones, which in the USA are offered in libraries and churches.

Having basic English, he began to study in detail information about opening a business in the United States and to analyze the prospects for opening a transportation company in Dallas.

Why is it a transportation company? The city grew rapidly, and each company or resident who moved there needed help with transportation. In 2018, the city became the leader in population growth among large cities of the country.

What's next? I got acquainted with the laws on company registration, clarified the issue of taxes and insurance. Thoroughly delved into the statistics of the development and prospects of Dallas. How fast is the city growing? How many people live in rented housing? Which companies are moving to Dallas? Who else could be a potential customer? How often do locals need a transportation company?

Business in Ukraine and business in the USA - what is the difference

Today I have experience in doing business both in Ukraine, where I own a furniture company, and in the USA. I have the opportunity to compare.

In Ukraine, the process of opening a company takes a lot of time - weeks, in some cases, months. A lot of declarations, documentation, long lines at state institutions. In the USA, you can register a company in 30 minutes online, which I did.

I registered, made several calls and I had all the necessary documents, certificates, insurance. Since we are a transportation company, we need to go through the process of re-registration annually. Imagine it all takes only 20 minutes.

And to call the Department of Transportation or any other government agency in the United States and get the information you need is as easy as ordering pizza. It seems that your call is really important, the employees communicate with you politely, friendly and always ready to explain any incomprehensible process. In the United States, every government agency supports small businesses. In Ukraine, unfortunately, there are no such conditions now.

The secret to success at a distance

The search for employees was a long process. I put together a team of hardworking guys who are able to withstand heavy physical exertion, know what responsibility is and are able to resolve a misunderstanding. As a result, a friendly international team works in the company - from the USA, Ukraine, Russia and Kazakhstan.

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My work day begins at 16:00 Kiev time, or at 08:00 Dallas. At this time, my team gathers in the office, we connect via Skype and discuss the work schedule, coordinate tasks for the day.

Relations in a company are built, first of all, on trust. Without trust, it is difficult to create a successful and profitable company.

I am looking for people, first of all, by personal qualities, people whom I can trust. Without trust, the success of working from a distance is not possible, especially in situations where property of customers is damaged during transportation and they express dissatisfaction.

We have a rule for such a case: "We do not give unfounded promises for later, we solve all issues here and now." Even when unique antiques are harmed during the move, we have craftsmen - a separate company with whom we work. She can repair them.

I am a supporter of motivating with a good word, not reproaches. As practice shows, this is the most effective method of interaction. The result is positive customer reviews, which indicate that the company employs smiling, polite and skilled employees.

When subordinates perform hard physical work, they need the support and motivation of the leader. Trust and reliable relations are maintained with us thanks to humor. Any situation can be directed in a positive direction, which we actively and practice.

Charity and Sponsorship

However, the focus of my attention is not only on business. Our team is actively involved in community activities and in supporting the state. For example, we volunteer to transport medical equipment to educational institutions and help older people get to state or local events.

Our company is also a sponsor of Ukrainian concerts and celebrations. We always support the performances and the arrival of Ukrainian performers. It has already become a good tradition to take part in the organization of Ukrainian Christmas in Dallas, which attracts a large Ukrainian diaspora from all over the country.

Other Ukrainians who are ready to start their own business in the United States, I advise you to believe in yourself, clearly realize that it takes time, sometimes years, and sometimes extra effort - hard work, sleepless nights and worries to realize a dream. But also remember that obstacles harden, and the dream motivates to overcome difficulties on the way.

I have a strong family and support - my wife, children, parents, motivate me to move on, not turn off the path and reach new heights. However, the recipe for how to stop worrying and not lose sleep due to problems that arise in the work of the company, I have not found.

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