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How to help Americans left without work because of coronavirus: a list of charitable foundations

Now these charities need your support more than ever.

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In a matter of days, everything on the planet turned upside down.

Coronavirus has spread to a pandemic. In this regard, scientists and politicians of the world urge people to do everything possible to stop its further spread. And this, as we know, implies a rejection of our usual life.

No more trips to the restaurant and gatherings with friends. No full-time training, entertainment in clubs, nightly movie views. In addition to the obvious social consequences, for many people there will be serious financial ones.

Fortunately, people have come together to help those in need and those affected in this global crisis. Here are a few organizations that are currently collecting donations and will be happy to hear from you. In this difficult time, every dollar will come in handy and any help will not be superfluous.

Feeding America Charity

Feeding America is one of the most famous non-profit organizations in the country, which during a pandemic and not only supports the most vulnerable among us. And when the coronavirus spread, the organization redoubled its efforts, “helping the public and target people who are hungry, wherever they are.”

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According to a recent statement, Farmacy, a well-known cosmetic brand, will provide 10 lunches daily for the next 000 days for the Feeding America Foundation program aimed at fighting hunger over COVID-30. And here is how you personally can help: your every donation will be doubled by Farmacy.

You can make a donation by link.

Pay up hollywood

Due to the coronavirus, the production of television and film products was suspended. While superstars do not need our help, ordinary workers in the field, such as food suppliers, assistants, makeup artists and others, were left without earnings. Pay Up Hollywood Foundation is ready to help them.

"Once payments stop, staff will not be able to afford the rent and living expenses of the $ 450 unemployment benefit," said a fund spokesman. "The situation is even worse for civilian workers in the form of 1099, who will not have income during the crisis and will not be able to count on federal support."

At the moment, the organization has collected almost $ 200, which will be directed to help those who leave a request and confirm that they are entitled to payment. Every dollar counts.

You can make a donation here.

Emergency Program for Restaurant Workers

Let's face it, the restaurant business is faced with a total crisis. According to information from Statistics OfficeThe food and service workers account for 5,3% of the total US labor force. And most of these people were left without work. It is for their sake that the USBG National Charitable Foundation created the "Emergency Program for Restaurant Workers."

You can make a donation by link.

One fair wage

The non-profit organization One Fair Wage, whose name translates as "One Fair Salary," was created to help representatives of those professions whose main source of income was tips. The program is already running, but needs your donations to help more people.

“We offer support to employees of establishments, drivers, employees of delivery services, servants and others who cannot survive without money now,” the project team said. "Please, help!".

You can make a donation here.

Film Industry Solidarity Fund

While we enjoy watching movies at home, film workers are left without work. The Film Industry Solidarity Fund comes to their aid.

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“Since we are living under constraints due to a pandemic, this means that New York cinemas will be closed for a long time. This makes us accept the challenge and show solidarity. These restrictions were necessary in order to slow down the spread of COVID-19, but many workers who were paid hourly would pay for this decision out of their pocket. ”

The project team focused on collecting donations for New York movie theaters to “promptly, albeit modestly, help those members of the community who have suffered because of our needs.”

You can make a donation by link.

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