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How to get a sought-after medical profession in the United States: a school in New York opens a new set

2007-based licensed school Concord rusam For many years, it has been helping its students get a number of medical professions in demand in America. More than a thousand holders of a nurse diploma from the country of their former residence with the help of Concord Rusam received an American licensee Registered Nurse. Thousands of other graduates of other programs for people without previous medical education found themselves in the healthcare sector: Phlebotomy Technician, Electrocardiography Technician, Patient Care Technician, Clinical Medical Assistant, Medical Billing and Coding.

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Now the school has opened a new set for the spring course, which starts at the end of February. This means that dozens of new students - many of whom are from the post-Soviet countries - will be able to receive a sought-after profession in the field of healthcare in the next six months.

Licensed Nurse (Registered Nurse)

School Specialists Concord rusam they will help holders of medical specialties from other countries to adapt their knowledge to American requirements, and will also guide nurses through the process of obtaining a license. In fact, the school helps students at each stage of obtaining a new specialty: training, graduation, formalization of the application and other documents for admission to the exam for obtaining a Registered Nurse license, as well as preparing for the exam and finding a job.

As part of the course, students not only listen to lectures, but also work through effective teaching materials created by Concord Rusam teachers in an easy-to-read form. In addition to the theoretical course, the school has created a course for practicing the practical skills necessary for a nurse in the United States.

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Preparing for a nurse license can be in almost any state of the United States, because Concord Rusam, in addition to training in an office in New York, offers online courses on NCLEX-RN.

NCLEX-RN (National Council Licensing Exam) is a nationwide exam for licensing nurses in the United States. This license entitles you to work as a nurse in the United States.

If you do not have a previous medical education, Concord Rusam offers several courses that will open the way to a successful career in the United States for those who have not previously practiced medicine.

Receptionist (Clinical Medical Assistant)

The program takes six months and includes courses Electrocardiography Technician (electrocardiogram specialist) and Phlebotomy technician (specialist in blood sampling from a vein). After the program ends, students go to practice in medical offices. Then they take national exams right at school, allowing them to continue working in the medical field in any state of America.

Listeners School Concord Rusam. Photo:

Clinical Medical Assistant requires knowledge of anatomy and medical terminology, including Latin. School Concord rusam teaches students to work in specially equipped laboratories. Students will learn what types of tests should be performed to diagnose certain diseases and which tubes to use for these tests. Teaching at the school is fully consistent with American standards and is conducted in English, but all teachers in their free time are ready to help students with the translation of some complex things.

Blood sampling specialist (Phlebotomy technician)

Blood sampling is one of the shortest and most affordable programs. In just a few weeks, students master the technique of taking blood, storing and transporting samples, study the labeling of test tubes, pass an exam for a certificate, after which they can start working in a medical office or even a mobile laboratory. Without this certificate, even a licensed nurse will not be allowed to take blood samples - the rules in the USA are strict.

Electrocardiogram Specialist (Electrocardiography Technician)

Upon completion of this course, the graduate will receive the qualifications and certificate necessary for working with ECG equipment and reading the test results on this device.

The full course covers the theory and practice of electrocardiography and takes 52 hours of classroom and clinical training.

Certified Nurse Assistant (Certified Nurse Aide)

A certified nurse assistant, or CNA, provides medical care to patients under the supervision of a registered nurse (RN) or licensed practice nurse (LPN). Certified nurse assistants can work in hospitals, nursing homes, rehabilitation centers, and care centers for the elderly.

Photo: Twitter / Concord Rusam (@concord_rusam)

Get this profession at school Concord rusam it is possible within the framework of the 125-hour course, which covers the theoretical and practical part of the work of the assistant nurse (including 30-hour clinical practice in the institution for qualified nurses). The program includes the study of the anatomy and physiology of all body systems; infection control; patient care and prevention of life-threatening complications; rules for general patient care for various pathologies.

Patient Care Specialist (Patient Care Technician)

377-hour course that includes courses Phlebotomy technician, Electrocardiography Technician и Certified Nurse Aide. Upon completion of these three programs, students receive a separate certificate for each specialty and a general certificate for a specialist in patient care (PCT).

Medical Billing and Coding Specialist (Medical Billing and Coding)

This profession is very much in demand in the USA, where medical insurance is the basis for providing medical services. The patient, the insurance company and any institution where medical services are provided are connected by the biller, a specialist in Medical Billing and Coding. Concord rusam will make you a biller in 4 months. During this time, students will be taught varieties of insurance, as well as help them learn the special coding of various medical services and maintaining professional medical documentation.

In addition to theoretical classes, students are expected to practice directly in the office at Medical Billing and Coding. At the end of the course, students take an exam and receive a certificate.

Pharmacist Assistant (Pharmacy Technician)

Pharmacist assistants can work in pharmacies and pharmacy departments of hospitals, rehabilitation centers and nursing homes. Training program in Concord rusam takes 96 hours. Classes are conducted by highly professional instructors with many years of experience in the pharmaceutical field. The program includes familiarizing yourself with medications, calculating the dosages of various medicines, dosing methods, inventories, billing, prescriptions and New York State pharmaceutical laws.

Concord Rusam School Photo: Concord Rusam.

After successfully fulfilling the requirements of the program, students will receive a certificate of completion, which is necessary for passing an exam for a pharmaceutical specialist. Exam takes place in the school.

Concord Rusam school not only provides quality education, but also helps its graduates find work. Representatives of medical offices who want to accept Concord Rusam graduates to vacant positions are often contacted here. Graduates of the school working in hospitals and offices immediately report on the vacancies that have opened and recommend students of the school.

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