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How to get a driver's license in the USA: personal experience of an immigrant

Arriving in the United States, it is hard not to notice that the public transport network is not very developed here, especially the lack of intercity flights is striking. Therefore, in order to move freely around the country and not feel restrictions, most immigrants seek to obtain a driver’s license. Author Russian in America blog on Yandex.Zen She told how to do it.

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Next - from the first person.

Some incredible facts about the procedure for obtaining the coveted American certificate from my personal experience.

In most US cities no driving schools. You learn the theory yourself from available official online resources, and you get driving practice under the supervision of senior family members or friends.

A driver's license replaces a passport for Americans - ID. Alcohol is sold on it and is required to be presented at official institutions.

The most convenient way to prepare for a computer test is to solve online tasks to multiple choice. However, the real test, as it turned out, is significantly different from the trainees: not 4, but 3 answers; as for me, there were more questions about fines and logic than about signs and rules.

On the subject: How to get a driver's license in the USA and how much they pay a trucker: the experience of an immigrant

On the computer exam 30 questions are offered, and 6 mistakes can be made (80% correct answers are required). I made 4 mistakes, answering incorrectly to such insignificant, in my opinion, questions like "What is the amount of the fine for minors in case of detection of alcohol in the blood?" or “Which authority will take your driver's license if you mess with the road?”.

At some point in the exam, I was even afraid that I would fail the test, because not only the wording, but also the topics of the questions were much wider than I expected.

Each state has its own driver’s license design. Exactly like some traffic rules. If you already have rights from another state or country, you are exempted from passing the driving test. Most likely, they will only ask for a theory to make sure that you know the local rules.

Having student rights (Learner's permit), you can legally drive a car around the city if at least one adult driver with rights is present in the car. The presence of a special brake pedal is not required.

Cost student rights for a period of 2 years - $ 7. A full driver's license is valid for 4 years and costs $ 24, i.e. $ 6 per year. There are no additional fees.

Last month I skated 4 hours with a friend in Oxford, now I hope to continue my practice, pass a driving test and get the key to the realization of my wildest dreams.

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