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How to get a green card through a career in healthcare: a seminar for immigrants will be held in California

Attorney Deborah Karapetyan and the VSK Institute for Medical Education have teamed up to offer a solution to two of the most pressing problems for most immigrants in America—finding a promising job and securing a stable immigration status.

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On October 28 they will hold seminar for those who would like to get a job in the healthcare sector in the United States, as well as apply for a green card based on this employment. The event will take place in California (631 S. Brookhurst St, Suite 210 Anaheim), and you can join the seminar online from anywhere in the United States. Details and registration – here to register:.

The organizers know what they are talking about

VSK Healthcare is an educational institution that provides aspiring healthcare professionals with the necessary knowledge and skills to develop and succeed in America. Education at VSK is approached comprehensively - through a combination of theoretical and clinical training. Additionally, they develop skills in teamwork, critical thinking and intercultural sensitivity - without which immigrants to the United States cannot achieve success. During the seminar, representatives of the institute will tell you how an immigrant can build a medical career in America.

Immigration lawyer Deborah Karapetyan She herself went through the process of moving to the United States and decided that her calling was to help others along the way. She has experience helping various categories of immigrants (including illegal immigrants) obtain American residency and US citizenship. At the seminar, she will tell you how to get a green card through work in medicine.

Note: Organizers can accommodate a maximum of 20 participants in the office, Zoom seats are limited to 200 participants, so book your place at the workshop in advance! It can be done online or by phone 714-603-7417 (English language), 844-875-7662 (Russian and Ukrainian languages).

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