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An additional $ 600 to unemployment benefits can be obtained retroactively: procedure

The weekly increase of unemployment benefits by $ 600 expires July 31, but you can receive these funds retroactively, writes The Penny Hoarder.

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The Department of Labor has confirmed that a premium of $ 600 per week, known as Federal Pandemic Unemployment Compensation, or FPUC, is paid for all weeks from March 28 to July 31. If you can confirm that you were out of work during this period, then you are entitled to payments for these weeks.

“Individuals eligible for the $ 600 FPUC payment for the weeks they are eligible ... may receive payment even if they were not approved as beneficiaries by the [July 31st] deadline," Labor Department officials wrote.

What does it mean? If you have received permission for unemployment benefits after July 31, you can receive compensation, which includes a weekly supplement of $ 600 for each relevant week from March 28 to July 31. FPUC terms include 17 payout periods of approximately $ 10.

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Retroactive payment is especially relevant if you get help with pandemic unemployment (PUA). While the entire unemployment system is suffering from delays, the deployment of this assistance program has been particularly problematic. States spent weeks waiting for guidance from the Department of Labor before introducing the PUA application process.

After receiving instructions from the Department of Justice, most states required PUA applicants to first apply for standard unemployment insurance programs in their states, which received tens of millions of new applications.

How do retroactive payouts work?

The Department of Labor has provided some guidance for eligible unemployment benefits.

“To qualify for retroactive benefits in the form of Standard Unemployment Benefit plus $ 600 or PUA plus $ 600, applicants must prove their eligibility for each declared week. The states have processes to do this, ”the department said.

For example, if you haven’t worked for some time, but only recently received permission to do unemployment benefits, do not apply only for the current and next weeks. Make an application for each week, which you can confirm as the period when you did not work in connection with the COVID-19 pandemic.

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Retroactive FPUC payments were not explicitly mentioned in the CARES Act in the amount of $ 2 trillion, which significantly expanded the unemployment benefits system. The labor department mentioned retroactive payments in April leadership to introduce new extended benefits. A letter was sent to each state unemployment office.

"When the states begin to provide this payment, persons eligible for assistance will receive retroactive payments starting from the date they become eligible or the date the state agreement is signed, whichever comes later," the Labor Department said in a letter ...

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