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How to validate a foreign diploma, degree, or professional certificate in the United States

Edition Documented lists the initial steps to start the process of confirming foreign degrees, qualifications, or professional certification in the United States.

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In the United States, there is no single body that oversees these types of assessments, so any recognition of foreign degrees and qualifications is carried out at the state level. This means that you will need to agree on the necessary steps and requirements with the respective states in which you live or want to work.

There are three cases when you need to evaluate any foreign academic degrees and qualifications: if you are going to study, work or practice a licensed profession.

Subjects eligible for study in the United States

You will have to deal directly with the educational institution in which you plan to enroll. Before signing up for certification, contact the admissions office. They will tell you about the best options available.

Example: If you plan to grade some creditable subjects for study at LaGuardia Community College or another college, they will check your credit and count no more than 30 of them for your degree. The number and circumstances may vary from institution to institution.

For master's and other programs, this is a different and more complex matter - for example, enrolling in a master's degree at Baruch College's Zickling School of Business implies that there are certain countries for which the institution will be able to assess qualifications. However, for people from other countries they are required to undergo international certification from agenciesapproved by the National Association of Identity Evaluation Services (NACES).

Here are some places for assessments of foreign education.

It may be useful for you New York State Foreign Education Assessment Guide.

On the subject: Top Ten States for Higher Education in the USA

Confirmation of foreign diplomas, skills and certificates

Hiring legal entities in the United States usually refer you to organizations that can and will assess your qualifications. But in cases where there is no specific recommendation, you can choose the assessment service yourself. United States Office of Foreign Affairs recommends using one of the following services:

Please note that a commission applies for all ratings. It is recommended that you contact the organizations with any questions you may have before starting the service.

Confirmation of a foreign license for professional practice

To validate a foreign professional license, you will need to meet the following requirements: education, written examination, and clinical examination.

The verification process varies from state to state as well as industry. It is recommended that you find a state regulator in the industry in which you want to practice. They will have special protocols to help you validate your license to operate in one of the states.

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In most cases, you will need to have lived in the state for at least one year.

In New York, the agency that regulates most industries is the Office of the Professions. Here you will find a list of industries and links to related pages. Since the requirements for license validation vary by practice, it is difficult to list specific costs or standard steps.

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