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How to file your tax return online and for free

Tax law changes designed to make personal financial reporting faster and easier means that in 2019, you will most likely be able to file your tax returns online for free.

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The law raised the standard deduction almost doubled from what it was before: up to 12 000 dollars for applicants submitting a declaration independently and up to 24 000 dollars for spouses submitting declarations together, writes Time.

“Overall, we estimate that about 90% of taxpayers will use standard deductions, compared with 70% who used them previously,” said Lisa Green-Lewis, Tax Expert at TurboTax.

This is good news for taxpayers, since most free programs for tax services are focused on the standard deduction, and not on people who classify their taxes. If you are wondering how to file your tax return online for free, then you have several options.

Best ways to file your tax return for free in 2019 year

Most major tax software companies now have the option of filing a federal tax return free of charge. According to Green-Lewis, TurboTax Free Edition Covers income W-2, as well as a tax credit for earned income and a tax credit for children.

“This year we have the option to transfer data for existing customers free of charge, and new customers can also download PDF files regardless of how they previously filed their taxes,” the expert explained.

Taxpayers using TurboTax will also be able to figure out how the new tax law will affect them specifically, thanks to a new interactive feature that you can use to find out whether it will be more profitable for you to take a standard deduction or classify taxes.

H&R Block It also offers online users a calculator to help determine how they will be affected by changes in tax laws. This free online tool is easy to use, with features that facilitate the transition from one tax service provider to another.

By entering your data into an H&R calculator or similar function in TurboTax, you can see if it makes sense for you to use standard deductions (and file taxes free of charge) or classify taxes. In addition, both TurboTax and H&R Block now allow you to upload your Form W-2 via a mobile device by taking a photo of the document.

TaxSlayer also has a free offer for 1040EZ tax forms. TaxAct's free tax software includes offers for 1040 and 1040A, as well as 1040EZ form recorders.

People who earn less than $ 66 000 have another opportunity to file a declaration online for free. They can use IRS Free File, created in partnership between the agency and leading companies engaged in the development of software for tax services. This service provides taxpayers with access to personalized (and free) tax software of their choice.

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