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How and how much do students eat in American universities

Freshly baked bread, freshly made ice cream, greens, vegetables and fruits are an unexpected assortment for student canteen. But in some American universities this has become the norm, writes Currently,.

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When enrolling in US universities, all students must choose not only the subjects that will be studied during the semester, but also the nutrition plan for this period. This is a prerequisite for all freshmen, says Victoria Brylitz-Bonelli, a specialist in training Russian students, President of Priority College. Usually choose the power scheme that matches the schedule and habits.

How it works: each freshman is given a prepaid card through which money for food — breakfast, lunch, afternoon tea, dinner, or any light snack — is written off from the account.

The cost of the program depends on how many times a week the student visits the canteen. On average in America, food on campus costs from 3 to 7 thousands of dollars a year. In a private university more expensive in the public cheaper.

There is a program without restrictions. At George Mason University, for example, one of the cafes on campus is open around the clock - with an unlimited meal plan, you can go there for a cup of coffee at least every hour.

"15 pounds freshman"

For many years, the expression “15 pounds freshman” has been common in the United States. It meant that many students gained 5-6 kilograms in their first year thanks to fast food: pizzas, hot dogs, hamburgers, ice cream and soda did their job. But recently, Americans are moving away from these stereotypes, and on the student menu, high-calorie dishes are giving way to vegetables, fruits and soups.

At George Mason University, 28 has various outlets and three large eateries. Here you can find a menu to taste students from any country.

The head chef of the university, Lucien Vivel, says that local organic products have been used in the canteens: “We not only cooperate with farmers and use natural products, but also grow greens in our greenhouses.”

Students who need a special diet meet with a nutritionist before choosing a nutrition program to discuss the menu. Because of this, says nutritionist Mary Brown, they have no problems with allergies.

Another novelty at George Mason University’s canteens is the small plates.

“A student can take a little bit of everything. If he hasn’t had enough, he can repeat as much as he wants, ”says the chef. "With this program, food waste is reduced and we don't waste good fresh food."

Thus, the university is also promoting an environmental theme.

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